Who Is Justin Hartley Dating? The 'This Is Us' Star Likely Has Fans Curious About His Love Life

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The success of This Is Us has stirred up lots of curiosity about the actors who bring these touching characters to life. When it comes to the show's heartthrob, Kevin, I'm kind curious to know more about the actor. Mainly: who Justin Hartley is dating? That's right, I want to know all about Hartley's love life. It's not really nosiness so long as its for the good of the fandom, right?

If you, like me, are one of the major This Is Us fans that often dissolves into tears by the time credits roll, then you'll know that Kevin is an absolute gift. Lately on This Is Us, Kevin's involved in a storyline that revolves around rekindling a romance with his ex-wife. This has prompted curiosity — mostly from me — about whether or not Hartley is currently romantically involved with anyone (I'm just asking for a friend).

Hartley is, in fact, dating Chrishell Stause, an actor on the daytime soap The Young and the Restless. Presumably, the pair met on the set of The Young and the Restless, which was Hartley's pre-This Is Us gig from 2014 to 2016. Stause and Hartley have been dating for nearly three years following Hartley divorce from his first wife, Lindsay Hartley. But, Stause and Hartley are not just dating; they're currently engaged and hope to be married by spring 2017.

Hartley and Stause might just be one of the cutest celebrity couples out there. On Hartley's Instagram, in between adorable on set photos from This Is Us, Hartley is often mugging for the camera with Stause. They appear so comfortable with one another and happy in each other's company. It's too sweet.

In case you were wondering how Hartley proposed to Stause, he dutifully recounted to Parade magazine back in August 2016:

[The proposal] just happened. [...] It was my right knee and I was lucky enough for her to say yes. We have an inside thing in our relationship – not a joke – that I circled back to and I think she got a kick out of it. Chrishell and I, as actors, sometimes have a lot of downtime, so you do a lot of traveling if you want. So I thought, we should do this where we live.

Hartley may be mostly mum on the details but it's evident that he is very much in love with Stause. She's been at his side for various This Is Us-related events and has regularly cheered him on as he's found success with the NBC hit show on her Instagram.

These two are beyond adorable. Raise your hand if you just can't get enough of Hartley and Stause living their best lives.