Lila On 'Sense8' Can't Be Trusted

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After plunging viewers back into its sci-fi labyrinth with a lengthy Christmas special last winter, Sense8 has finally returned with its full second season. This time around, Will, Riley, and the rest of their cluster are ramping up their ongoing battle with evil corp BPO, and as they begin to dig deeper into the mysteries of their world, they'll also come head-to-head with an array of other sensates. Chief among them is an enigmatic woman first introduced as club owner Sebastian's "right hand" in Episode 2. But it doesn't take long to realize there's a lot more to her than that. So, who is Lila on Sense8, and what exactly does she want? Spoilers for Sense8 Season 2 through Episode 8 ahead.

Played by Italian actor Valeria Bilello, Lila is a member of another cluster. Initially, she seems like she could be a key figure in helping the August 8 cluster take down BPO, but her motives quickly become murky. She tells Wolfgang she made a deal with the organization in order to keep them at bay, but remains tight-lipped about specifics. When Wolfgang asks her what she wants, she says "everything."

Despite their earlier flirtation, Wolfgang makes it clear that he's not interested in her, but Lila continues to pursue him regardless, even insisting that they "need each other." When Wolfgang later presses Lila for details about Whispers, she again avoids giving specifics. Eventually, Wolfgang agrees to meet her for dinner. Once there, she explains that she wants to seize Berlin and create a city for the sensates — a place where they can be themselves, free from humans — and she wants him to lead it. Wolfgang rejects the offer, and things quickly descend to into a chaotic brawl between their two clusters.

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Eight episodes in, that's the last he's seen of her, but Lila doesn't seem like the type of woman who lets things go. Thus far, she's portrayed as being devious and manipulative, and she doesn't seem to have an allegiance to anyone but her cluster. She throws Sebastian, her supposed boyfriend, under the bus without hesitation, and when he catches her talking to his competitor behind his back, she pins the blame on Wolfgang.

Her ties to BPO are suspicious at best, so it's very possible that she's a headhunter for the organization. Whatever she gave them in exchange for her safety, it had to be something big, and it seems like their only mission is to destroy whatever sensates they can't control. Now that Wolflgang has slammed the door on any possibility of them working together, it's more than likely that Lila will be back — and next time, she might not let him get away.