Lucas Is Probs Not On 'The Bachelorette' For The Right Reasons

Paul Hebert/ABC

As the Bachelorette for Season 13, Rachel Lindsay will have her work cut out for her when the show premieres May 22 on ABC. When a contestant like Lucas Yancey arrives with his own catchphrase and occupation of "whaboom!" viewers may be wondering whether he is the right match for Rachel. I'm mostly just wondering who Lucas from The Bachelorette even is outside of his crazy hashtag.

To add to the mystery, the show's host, Chris Harrison, warned viewers that Lucas may be the show's most over-the-top personality. In an interview for E! News Harrison said, "[Lucas] is one of those guys … you either want to murder him, or you really like him. I kinda want to choke him, like, 'Stop!' Enough is enough, let it go. You're at a 12, I need you to bring it down to a four."

Prior to appearing on The Bachelorette, Lucas was already making a name for himself in Los Angeles. Aside from improv theater, commercials, and films from his yKnotWorld Productions, Lucas Yancey's IMDB resume also shows a steady trail of acting jobs from Funny or Die, Telemundo, and E! Network. He also appeared on another love-based reality show: Ex Isle.

It seems Lucas knows how to perform for the camera, so fans may be wondering whether they are watching the real deal. Until then, here are a few fun facts that may help decipher the man behind the "whaboom."

He Lives and Breathes "Whaboom"

On social media, Lucas is never without his catchphrase or his hashtags promoting his lifestyle of "whaboom." On his ABC bio, Lucas has even listed it as one of his occupations, prompting viewers to wonder how he pays his bills with "whaboom." Love it or hate it, "whaboom" has everyone talking, but viewers may be wondering if Lucas is doing this to get Rachel's attention or America's.

He Loves His Grandmas

Family is an important part of Lucas's Instagram as he posts pictures from numerous family gatherings and events. In this particular photo, he wrote a sweet message to his grandmother, "Lo pase muyyy bien con mi abuela de 91 anos y todo mi familia y amigos de Argentina! -- Translation: Had an amazing time with my 91 year old Grandma, my whole family and friends in #Argentina! #FamilyLove#unBesoGrande"

Lucas has since followed up this post with another grandma-centric picture, writing "Happy 97th bday Grandma... you are my inspiration ❤️... #LetTheBigDoggEat"

He's a Traveler

Lucas is very active on Instagram and it seems "whaboom" allows him to travel all over the world. Lucas has a very busy lifestyle showcasing his brand, so it will be interesting to see how he reacts to being confined to one spot while filming The Bachelorette.

He Loves Fish

Most dating profiles state that a potential mate must love dogs, but in Lucas's case, let's hope Rachel loves fish. In his ABC bio, Lucas said that his pets consist of "ant farm, fish, and I'm an uncle to a cat."

With the above Instagram post, Lucas wrote in the caption, "Aaaaandd .. Drum roll please... The new addition to 'Casa DeL Y'.... Introducing, the Man, the Fish, the soon to be Legend.. 'Gepetto' #fishlyfe .. Chicks dig Goldfish. They are the new dog. "

Whether or not Lucas is right and fish are the "new dog," he certainly stands out in a "sea" of Instagram dog and cat photos (see what I did there?).

He's a Jim Carrey Fan

In a sneak peek on ABC.com for The Bachelorette premiere, Rachel meets Lucas and when he gives her a sneak peek at "whaboom," his mannerisms seem eerily familiar. If viewers recognize a Jim Carrey impression, it may be because Lucas is a huge fan of Carrey's. After he met him, he posted this pic to Instagram writing that Carrey is his "acting mentor."

Hashtags, lifestyle branding, and performing aspirations all sound like red flags when it comes to a contestant on The Bachelorette. All in all, Lucas may not be there for the right reasons. Unless the right reasons include trying to get famous from a hashtag.