Michael B. Jordan Knows He's Your Internet Boyfriend & He's Very OK With It

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

For all those who've spent a lot of time since Black Panther Googling, "who is Michael B. Jordan dating in 2018?," know you're definitely not alone. Jordan has been deemed one of the internet's boyfriends and luckily, he appears to be very comfortable with that role. Like, hello, he made a video for GQ that had him acting out fantasies that were the sexiest thing Michael B. Jordan could do to a woman. This included hot stone massages and to watch Dawson's Creek together, which turns out is very sexy. Especially, if you're Team Pacey.

But is Jordan actually anyone's boyfriend IRL? Well, that's a really, really good question that might not be as easy to answer as one may hope. The truth is, the actor is not one to kiss and tell and that probably only makes you love him more. As recently as May, Jordan wouldn't confirm whether he had a girlfriend. In an interview with The Breakfast Club, he even sidestepped a question about his love life, telling host Charlemagne tha God he was “going to keep my personal life out of this.” But he did let all those listening to the radio show know he doesn't have a type, that he likes “women period, all women, everybody’s on the table.” Well, that's encouraging, right?

Jordan did admit on The Breakfast Club that life since Black Panther has been a little crazy, even hinting that it's not easy to date right now. “It’s insane. Kind of known before, now I can’t go anywhere," he said. "The mall is off limits, my Postmates bill went through the roof, I’m in the house.”

Who among us, though, wouldn't want to go Dutch with him on that bill, especially if he's lounging around his house looking like this?

Or, this?

Oh, and obviously this.

All of these looks certainly explain why Jordan's causing young women to break their retainers. Not to mention, why they're bringing cardboard cutouts of Jordan to prom. In any event, while the actor may not be explicitly talking about his love life, but he might have given himself away with that non-answer on The Breakfast Club. Back in February, Jordan told WSJ Magazine that he was "technically single." He then used those words again while speaking to Entertainment Tonight at the Black Panther premiere in Los Angeles, “Technically I’m single," he said. "Dating but, you know, technically single."

It was rumored earlier in 2018 that Jordan was dating Instagram model Ashlyn Castro after she posted shots of her celebrating Kwanzaa with the Fahrenheit 451 actor on Instagram that were later deleted. Either way, Jordan seems to love playing with fans' emotions, but he also may just be letting us know his relationship status is well, complicated.

Whatever the truth is, many fans are crossing their fingers that Jordan's social media flirting with Lupita Nyong'o could one day lead to something real. Throughout the Black Panther press tour, Jordan and Nyong'o had fans hoping they were a love connection with their spontaneous push-up competition. Back in March, Jordan even wrote Nyong'o a birthday message that honestly convinced fans the two are smitten.

Along with a photo of the duo sharing a very loving look, Jordan wrote that he's had "the pleasure" of getting to know Nyong'o. "What a beautiful soul you have & witness you shine your light on the world through your work your passion your joy & in everything you do," he wrote. "Those of us who are lucky enough to know you personally are definitely changed for the better!"

That had fans tweeting things like "Lupita and Michael B Jordan are madly in love and no one can tell me differently." And, "I wholeheartedly need Michael B. Jordan and Lupita Nyong'o to become the next Hollywood power couple. Is that too much to ask?" Honestly, no @brrriitttnnii, no.

The actors have maintained that they're just friends, but hey, anything could happen. In the meantime, until Jordan shows up on the red carpet with a date — who may or may not be Nyong'o (a girl can dream) — or makes a relationship Instagram official, for now, admirers of the actor can just dream that he'll one day be marathoning all six seasons of Dawson's Creek with them.