Sorry, But Riz Ahmed Might Be Too Busy With Hollywood To Be Dating Right Now

by Amy Roberts
Christopher Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Considering how talented, handsome, and successful the young actor is, it's understandable that you might find yourself asking, who is Riz Ahmed dating right now? You know, rhetorically and to yourself while you re-watch Rogue One for the millionth time and daydream about buying pizza with him (no, yeah —it could totally happen). The truth is, however, even if you go searching for answers regarding Ahmed's current relationship status, you're unlikely to find them. And that's because the actor, who's nominated for two Emmys this year for his performances in Girls and The Night Of, is extremely private about his love life.

You may have already noticed, for instance, that you've never actually seen Ahmed walking hand in hand with anyone during red carpet events. Or that you don't really hear about him being linked with anyone amidst celebrity gossip. And it seems to suggest that Ahmed is an intensely professional individual pushing his career to the forefront of his public image, while keeping his personal life separate and private.

Honestly, this is smart of him. But it also makes the actor even more mysterious and alluring. If it makes you happier, then you can potentially subscribe to the idea that Ahmed is currently single, because there's actually no facts available right now to suggest otherwise. You could still have a chance, guys, so let those daydreams fly.

The actor has successfully avoided having to discuss his love life in interviews (an extraordinary achievement in and of itself in this day and age), though it seems safe to assume that Ahmed's busy work schedule might not make it easy for the actor to seriously date anyone anyway. In 2013, The Guardian suggested as much during an interview with the young actor and reported, "As for his private life, you sense that it is on hold at the moment — no girlfriend ... forever working."

This feels understandable when you take a close inspection of how crammed his career is right now. In 2016 alone, Ahmed starred in seven major projects including Jason Bourne, The Night Of, Rogue One, and Netflix's The OA. And a quick look at his IMDb confirms that he's currently filming The Sisters Brothers alongside Jake Gyllenhaal and Joaquin Phoenix. On top of that, he's also rumored to be starring in Venom, alongside Tom Hardy. And let's not forget that there's also Ahmed's rapping career as part of the Swet Shop Boys that keeps his career bustling. Suffice to say, it's certainly possible the actor is just way too busy working to be seriously dating anyone right now.

With his career currently booming, it also appears that Ahmed is using his voice and popularity for social change. In March, for instance, Ahmed gave a powerful a speech at Parliament regarding the importance of representation in both the media and government in which he said, "What people are looking for is the message that they belong. That they are seen and heard and that despite, or perhaps because of, the uniqueness of their experience, they are valued."

The actor also regularly helps to raise funds to help support Syrian refugees as part of his work with the Karam Foundation. And in supporting the Syrian refugee aid effort, he's also outspoken in raising awareness as to why the cause is so important, and why we can't afford to turn away from it. So, besides being a phenomenal actor and a compelling rapper, Ahmed is something of a hero for social change, too.

Whether he's dating anyone or not, Ahmed isn't wasting his voice sharing the intimate details of his private life with the world. Instead, he's using that voice to speak out and incite important change, all while remaining resolutely professional. When you consider all of that, it feels arbitrary to even broach the topic of Ahmed's love life. Single or not, the actor seems determined to keep that side of his life for himself, and push his career and his social efforts front and center instead.