Annalise May Not Be The Only Victim On 'HTGAWM' Season 6

Annalise isn't the only victim on HTGAWM Season 6.
Mitch Haaseth/ABC

That flash-forward to Annalise's funeral in the premiere of How To Get Away With Murder Season 6 was a doozy. However, that might not be the only significant death to take place in the near future. There is also a mystery informant on HTGAWM whose identity has yet to be revealed — though based on the brief snippets that viewers have seen of the future, this person will also ultimately suffer a tragic fate by someone else's hand.

In true HTGAWM fashion, details about this informant remain relatively scarce, however, this individual has been mentioned several times in both present day and future scenes. In the flash-fowards, detectives have talked about having a "dead informant" on their hands, which is why Michaela and Connor are being investigated in separate interrogation rooms. Asher has also been featured in a different flash-forward with blood on his shirt and a look of shock on his face when he shows up at Bonnie's door. This implies that he is somehow involved in whatever happened to this informant even if he himself isn't responsible for the death. (On a show like this, nothing is ever "obvious.")

That information alone is helpful since it rules Michaela, Connor, Asher, and Bonnie out as possibilities. After all, they can't be the dead informant if they're alive in the future scenes.

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Laurel's brother, Xavier, also mentioned during his torture session with Frank that the FBI is working with an informant from Annalise's inner circle and that this person is divulging some key intel that could destroy them all. Xavier even claimed to know who this person was, but would only tell Frank if he agreed to help him find Laurel. Naturally, Frank had no intention of doing that and wasn't exactly in a great position to force Xavier to tell him anything. Once again, the scene didn't provide an outright answer, but it did help to narrow the suspect list down a little bit since it obviously isn't Frank.

That leaves Oliver, Gabriel, Nate, Tegan, Laurel, and Annalise as the remaining possibilities. They're the only ones within the central group who have yet to pop up in the flash-forwards, which could indicate their potential demise. Arguably, Tegan and Gabriel wouldn't have as much information to offer up to the FBI since they haven't been with the core members since the beginning, but who knows what they could find out by the time the present day storyline catches up with the future. Either way, this is bad news for the Keating 4, who may not be able to get away with their crimes for much longer.