Annalise Has Secret Passports On ‘HTGAWM’ & This Show Is So Exhausting

Annalise Keating on 'HTGAWM'
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Spoilers ahead for How To Get Away With Murder Season 6. The protagonist of How To Get Away With Murder always has a trick up her sleeve, so the fact that Annalise Keating is probably preparing to leave the country — and leave who’s left of the Keating 5 to clean up her mess and possible go to jail — is ultimately not that surprising. Oh, and Annalise has a new identity, too, for these purposes. Say hello to Justine. Justine has fake passports for at least a dozen countries and a new iPhone, and she’s not afraid to use them. But let's see if she makes it out of the country first.

At this point in Season 6, it’s hard to say whether or not Annalise is becoming increasingly paranoid because of the ever-reaching arm of the Castillo family or because the FBI may be closing in on her. Perhaps it’s a little of both, because when Annalise tries to get a restraining order against the Castillo family, their lawyer reveals in court that the FBI is investigating both Annalise and Michaela, and Annalise flips. Cue Annalise telling everyone to smash their phones into little teeny pieces so they can't be tracked and making a call.

Annalise gets help from Solomon to get all these new documents, and let's be real — she's probably going to use them. Perhaps that's why she might, according to flash-forwards to her own funeral, end up dead by the series finale. Annalise is a runner and always has been. She's one step ahead of her troubles, but there's a good chance they'll catch up to her, and soon. Here's how it could go down.

Annalise Leaves & Everyone Else Takes The Blame

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Love her or hate her, Annalise is a mother figure to everyone in the Keating 5, as well as Bonnie and Frank. If Annalise becomes Justine and bails because she's afraid of what will happen to her (from the FBI or the Castillos, because crimes) if she stays, she loses her last shred of credibility in the eyes of her adopted family, and they're going to be mad. Like, really mad. And since Frank murders people when he's really mad, Annalise could end up being that "dead informant" we keep hearing about.

Annalise Is The Informant & She Betrays Everyone By Leaving

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Speaking of the dead informant that's at the end of every episode of How To Get Away With Murder, did anyone ever stop to think that it could be Annalise? Annalise is so smart that she would definitely be able to throw everyone off if she were constantly telling the FBI what's up. Who is she reporting on? That's hard to say, but since everyone she knows is into crimes and murders, it could be everyone on the show. Annalise reports, Annalise goes into witness protection, Annalise hangs everyone out to dry by becoming Justine and sipping Olivia Pope-esque cocktails on a beach somewhere.

Annalise Takes Off & No One Really Cares

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Annalise is ready to become Justine and go live a quiet life on a mountain somewhere. But right now, it seems like the rest of Annalise's gang is ready, too. Bonnie and Frank are talking about going to Oregon again, like they did in seasons past. Asher wants to get away from his mother and sister, so he could leave. Michaela might use Solomon as a means to escape. Gabriel isn't from Philly, anyway. Connor and Oliver are married and could go anywhere. If an Annalise leaves the country and no one is around for it, does anyone care?

Season 6 of How To Get Away With Murder is the show's last, and it's leaving no stone unturned when it comes to wacky storylines. Fans know that Annalise is always thinking, and her new identity is just her latest method of trying to stay one step ahead — let's see if it works.