Here's Everyone Who Survived The 'Game Of Thrones' Series Finale

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Spoilers for Game Of Thrones Season 8. The Twitterverse can finally breathe a sigh of relief, Game Of Thrones is over. And while not everyone made it out of the final episode alive, more managed to live than one might expect. Especially, since HBO teased going into the final season that basically everyone was going to die. The truth is, those who survived Game Of Thrones are on to bigger and better things, even if their ending was bittersweet.

While Daenerys Targaryen died, leaving fans heartbroken, other fans might have been excited to see the Starks get a (kind of) happy ending after all these years. Other characters also got satisfying endings, if not surprising ones. Let's just says those who worried about Brienne of Tarth, well, that was all for nothing. The most surprising survivors, though, might be the characters we completely forgot about like Milk Boy Robin Arryn, who got a serious finale glow-up that the internet is definitely talking about.

So, who made it out of Game Of Thrones alive? Maybe not the characters you'd expect, which is why it's worth taking one last look at those who played the game and somehow lived to tell about it. Seriously, Tyrion, we're looking at you.


Tyrion Lannister

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Despite committing treason, being put in jail by Dany, and advising Jon Snow to kill the Mad Queen, Tyrion somehow survived. Yeah, we're pretty surprised to be writing that sentence, too. But what's not all that surprising is that after showing he does drink wine and know things, the last living Lannister ended up being the Hand of the new King, Bran The Broken. Even if Tyrion doesn't feel worthy of the job, honestly, who else could lead the realm into democracy?


Jon Snow

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No longer the King of the North, the last living Targaryen is sent back to the Night's Watch as a punishment for killing his aunt/lover, Daenerys Targaryen. But, what may have seemed like a sad end for the man who came back from the dead becomes much more interesting once we see him ride off into a now White Walker-less North with Tormund, the Wildlings, and his beloved direwolf Ghost with a chance to live the life he seemed to enjoy the most: off the grid with a group that isn't interested in any thrones or his lineage.


Bran Stark

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Bend the knee to Bran the Broken, the Three-Eyed Raven, who is the first elected (yes, elected!) ruler of the six kingdoms who is ruling with compassion instead of an iron fist. His storytelling and ability to see the past and future makes him an interesting choice and likely a more peaceful one. Turns out, we were wrong to blame Bran for everything.


Sansa Stark

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Bow down to the Lady of the North, which is now a free and independent country. The men and women of Winterfell will never again bend the knee to any king or queen, just as she promised, which shows she's the kind of ruler that puts her people's interests first. Of course, those who were rooting for Sansa to take the Iron Throne already knew she was very good at this whole ruling thing.


Arya Stark

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After killing the Night King, Arya is ready for even more adventure. Instead of staying in the North and serving her sister, she's going to explore what exists beyond the borders of the current map. Arya's going west of Westeros to serve the yee-haw agenda to the realm. Is it us, or do we smell sequel?


Ser Brienne Of Tarth

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The newly knighted Brienne is now the Head of the Kingsguard. A great choice knowing how well she guarded Sansa. She's also not a bad writer, writing Jaime Lannister the heroic ending he deserved even if he never deserved her.


Bronn Of Blackwater

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Bronn had one job this season, to kill Tyrion and Jaime. And while he didn't succeed, he did end up as the Master of Coin thanks to Tyrion's decision to make him the Lord of Highgarden, knowing Bronn's loyalty is always for sale. This is a man failing upwards, but at least the Council will have some comic relief. Not to mention, more brothels than they'll ever need.


Davos Seaworth

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The Onion Knight lived to become the Master of Ships for Bran's council. Shireen would be so proud.

More to come...


Edmure Tully


Catelyn Stark's younger brother might be a laughstock, but hey, he still got to live, which is probably the best this guy could ask for. Seriously, the Red Wedding was his wedding.


Samwell Tarly

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Sam is not only the Archmaester, he he also helped write the Song of Ice & Fire, which is "Archmaester Ebrose's history of the wars following the death of King Robert." Well, he helped with the title of the now definitive history book of these times, sorry Tyrion.


Lord Robin Arryn

The last time fans saw Robin, GoT's mama boy, he was the twerpy breastfeeding son of Lysa of House Tully, who fell down the Moon Door. Now, he's looking very grownup and taking his role of the Lord of House Arryn very seriously. Breast milk apparently did this kid's body good.



The red-headed beardo was there waiting for his bestie Jon Snow at the Night's Watch. He didn't get Brienne, but he did get to ride off into the sunset with Jon Snow.



In the last moments of the finale, fans got the reunion they wanted most: Jon Snow and Ghost, who is alive and well and ready to head North.


Gendry Baratheon

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Thanks to Dany, Gendry is now the Lord of Storm's End and while he'll never have Arya, he will have a say in the future of the realm thanks to his new position.


Grey Worm

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The man who served Daenerys Targaryen loyally even after death is seen sailing off to the Isle of Naath, which Thrillist reported is often a site for slave ships. Oh, not to mention the hometown of Missandei. It's likely Grey Worm will continue Dany's plan to liberate those in chains, while also paying tribute to his lost love who GoT did dirty.


Yara Greyjoy

Yara didn't play a big role in this final season, but she will play a huge role for House Greyjoy as the new Queen of the Iron Islands.



Brienne's right-hand man will continue to be by her side now that he's part of the Kingsguard and the one who wheels Bran around.



Courtesy of HBO

It appears that after melting down the Iron Throne and flying off with a recently deceased Dany, Drogon is alive and well. Hopefully, he'll continue living a healthy and happy life outside all the drama.

Game Of Thrones is over, but luckily, some of our favorite characters' stories will continue.