7 Theories About Whose Body Serac Is Printing For Maeve On 'Westworld'

Maeve recruited new allies in 'Westworld' Season 3

Spoilers ahead for Episode 6 of Westworld Season 3. Maeve is an incredibly smart, incredibly powerful being, but after failing to stop the Dolores inside Musashi, she realized that she needs something if she hopes to defeat Dolores' rebellion: help. So during Westworld's April 19 episode, Serac printed Maeve an ally. But who is it? Which body was emerging from the tank at the end?

We can start by crossing off names of characters we know won't be climbing out of that tub of white goo. Sadly, the episode said farewell to one longtime Westworld resident and erstwhile Maeve ally: Hector Escaton. Though he was naturally the first person Maeve recruited when building her army against Dolores, Host Charlotte was able to infiltrate the lab where the host bodies were being constructed and crush Hector's control unit before his body was complete. Still inside the simulation, Maeve could only watch helplessly as her lover's digital body crumpled to the floor, dead.

Other unlikely contenders include Teddy, whose mind was uploaded into the Sublime at the end of Season 2, and Angela, who blew herself up when she destroyed the Cradle. (Although, as recently as this episode, it was proved that a host control unit can survive an explosion, as the Dolores inside Martin did…)

Here are the most likely candidates for which host will be coming to help Maeve in her battle against Dolores.

1. Lee Sizemore


Since he was the only other person standing inside the (simulated) room with Maeve as the body was being printed, we first must consider the possibility that the host body is meant to house Lee Sizemore's consciousness. That would certainly be an effective way to bring a fan-favorite character back to life, but he wouldn't be particularly helpful to Maeve in this mission. He's not a fighter, nor does he does he have any invaluable information Serac needs. Seeing Sizemore in the flesh again would be fun, but he's probably not the ally Maeve would choose.

2. Armistice

John P. Johnson/HBO

Considering that one of the bodies being printed was meant for Hector, it would make sense that the other was meant for his loyal sidekick, Armistice. While alive, the two were practically joined at the hip, and she did spend the entirety of Season 2 in Maeve's company. She's also a great fighter, so it's easy to imagine Maeve dispatching her to take down Musashi and the other Dolores copies.

3. Akane

John P. Johnson/HBO

Given that Dolores chose Musashi's body to house one of the copies of her own consciousness, there would be a certain symmetry if Maeve chose fellow Shogun World resident Akane as her ally. Maeve seems to be more trusting of others than Dolores in building her army, but it would still be a smart move to choose her own counterpart as an ally. She and Akane were designed as direct corollaries, so the Shogun World host is likely to feel sympathetic toward Maeve's point-of-view.

4. Robert Ford

John P. Johnson/HBO

After his self-sacrifice at the end of Season 1, Westworld already found a way to bring back Anthony Hopkins' iconic character once. Could they find a way to bring him back again? As Ford told Maeve in Season 2, she was always his favorite host. He was the one who programmed her to escape Westworld in the first place, and the one who helped her when she was nearly killed by Delos forces. He would certainly fight for Maeve's survival more furiously and effectively than pretty much anyone.

5. Dolores

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Season 3 already features multiple copies of Dolores' mind inside different bodies; how about multiple copies of Dolores' body with different minds inside them? Maeve could take a page out of her enemy's book and copy her own consciousness — and placing it inside a copy of Dolores' body would be a clever way to infiltrate Dolores' small army and undo her efforts from the inside.

6. Peter Abernathy

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If Maeve really wanted to mess with Dolores' head and get under her skin, she would print a body that looked like Dolores' father Peter and send him to confront her. Now, this body would be unlikely to have the real Peter's consciousness inside it, since it was irreversibly corrupted when it had the key to the Forge locked away inside it. But Maeve could put a copy of herself or another ally into Peter's body and send him to throw Dolores for a loop.

7. Clementine

John P. Johnson/HBO

Before it was revealed that Charlotte and all the other hosts that Dolores printed were home to copies of Dolores' own mind, a popular fan theory was that it was Clementine who resided inside Charlotte's body. That didn't turn out to be the case… but there's still a chance to bring the character back as Maeve's ally. This scenario would make a lot of sense, since the character of Clementine has direct ties to both Maeve (who served as a surrogate mother of sorts for her) and Dolores (whose army she fought in throughout Season 2). After being responsible for most of the hosts' destruction at the end of the second season, this would also be a great way for Clementine to redeem herself and help save the hosts instead of being used against them.

Will Maeve's ally turn out to be her former Mariposa protegée? Her Shogun World counterpart? Her own creator? Or someone else fans won't even see coming? Hopefully Westworld won't make viewers wait too long to find out the truth.