The One Clare & Benoit Wedding Detail Every 'Bachelor Winter Games' Fan Will Weep Over


If you watched Bachelor Nation's latest and greatest, The Bachelor Winter Games, you'll know that Clare and Benoit had a surprise engagement during the World Tells All post-finale special. After their happy news, Clare discussed her upcoming wedding to Us Weekly, and her comments are sure to make you emotional all over again.

Clare told Us Weekly, "I get emotional talking about this, but I never thought I would have a wedding." The heartbreaking reason why she thought she wouldn't have a wedding ties back to her father, who passed away. She said:

"Before my dad passed away, we had our own little like father-daughter dance at home, when we knew he was going to pass away. After that, the wedding wasn’t important. I think that’s when your dad gives you away, and that’s, to me, old fashioned, but it’s how things go. So, I never thought I’d have a wedding!"

This story is at once completely sweet and totally heartbreaking. And if Clare and Benoit's engagement somehow didn't make you emotional before, this story about her father is sure to bring some tears to your eyes. It's especially emotional to hear Clare's story now, considering that she'll soon have the wedding that she didn't think was possible.


Clare was very open about her desire for love throughout The Bachelor Winter Games (supervising producer: Lindsay Liles). She was determined to find love on the fun spinoff series after she previously appeared on Season 18 of The Bachelor and Seasons 1 and 2 of Bachelor in Paradise. Yet, things didn't go entirely smoothly during her time on Winter Games, since, of course, any Bachelor show is full of drama.

Clare's prospects on the series seemed to be looking up during the premiere. She hit it off with two international Bachelor contestants, Canada's Benoit and Germany and Switzerland's Christian. There was actually a bit of a love triangle going on for some time. Sparks flew immediately for Clare and Benoit when they bonded during a casual cooking hangout.

But... things started to fizzle for the pair just as Clare and Christian's flirt-mance ramped up. And unfortunately, her other relationship led to her breakup with Benoit. She implored him to still stay on the show, but the Canadian left the house because he couldn't imagine being with anyone else there. He even told Clare, "There's only you."

Clare and Christian were destined for a Winter Games full of fighting, however. The pair just couldn't get on the same page, especially when it came to the jacuzzi. Yeah, their jacuzzi dates (or non-dates) were a serious deal, guys. Even so, the two parted ways and Clare left the series alone.

So, it was to the surprise of basically everyone (including the other Winter Games contestants) that Clare and Benoit started up their relationship again post-show. She said on the World Tells All special that Benoit reached out to her just to see how she was doing, and the two quickly hit it off all over again. They made their long-distance relationship work (with Clare residing in Sacramento, California and Benoit in Montreal, Canada) by keeping in constant contact and just getting to know each other. They're actually so adorable together. Clare beautifully said on the show, "He's always had my back. He puts up with my crazy. I just love you, and I mean it."

Then, if their surprise relationship wasn't enough, Benoit shocked everyone by proposing to Clare (partly in French, it was très, très romantic)! It was the loveliest ending to Clare and Benoit's up and down Winter Games journey. And now, and possibly the most emotional aspect of the whole thing, the Bachelor contestant will be able to experience that romantic wedding she never thought would happen for her.