Dev & Rachel's Relationship In 'Master Of None' Is True To Life

by Rosie Narasaki
K.C. Bailey/Netflix

The new trailers for Master of None feature Dev in the company of a few different potential love interests (as well as in a bromance with his best friend Arnold, of course), and it reminds viewers that Dev and Rachel broke up during Master of None Season 1. After marathoning the show in its entirety over a year ago it may be tough for fans to remember the circumstances and terms of their relationship and how exactly it ended. So, with that in mind, let's walk through a mini-recap what happened to Dev and Rachel over the course of Master of None's stellar first season.

You probably recall the first time we see them together — during the pilot episode, an broken condom incident finds the two of them at the local pharmacy, picking up Plan B and apple juice. It's as awkward and uncomfortable as it sounds, and they go their separate ways — until they run into each other in the third episode, "Hot Ticket." Things seem like they're on the up and up, until Rachel reveals that she's in the midst of patching things up with an ex.

They don't meet again until Episode 6 — where they share a somewhat magical (and adorably hipster-quirky, of course) first real date on vacation in Nashville together. It's close to perfect — until Dev's ill-advised desire for a special barbecue sauce makes Rachel miss her niece's recital. Still, they manage to patch things up, and it's (mostly) smooth sailing for a while: they argue about sexism in "Ladies and Gentlemen," they lose Rachel's grandmother in "Old People" — heck, they even move in together and live together for an entire year together in "Mornings."

K.C. Bailey/Netflix

"Mornings" is the beginning of the end for the couple, though: The episode is sweet and even romantic comedy-esque, and it shows their fledgling relationship blossom, but it also shows it begin to deteriorate, with lots of milestone bickerings and fights — and that deterioration carries through the Season 1 finale episode, "Finale." They have something of a blow up fight over pasta carbonara, and that ends up being shutters... for now, at least. Ultimately, it's their mutual issues with career dissatisfaction and the like that catches up with them, and they end the season parting ways; with her heading towards Japan, and him heading towards Italy (for pasta school, of all things).

The first season featured their fun-loving (yet realistic) relationship quite prominently — at times, it even served as the thread tying the largely insular episodes together. Now, as we head into Season 2, it's looking possible that actress Noël Wells won't be returning — but let's all keep our fingers crossed for a surprise appearance or two, right?