Bonnie & Nate's Relationship On 'HTGAWM' Just Keeps Getting More Complicated


Will the twists and turns ever stop? How To Get Away With Murder loves teasing season-long mysteries, and Season 5 is no exception. Fans aren't much closer to finding out who Bonnie apparently left to bleed in the snow, but it looks like there's conflict brewing between her and Nate. So why does Bonnie have Nate's phone at Connor and Oliver's wedding reception? Based on her shady glances around the room, it's probably not because she's holding it while he's on the dance floor.

It's not clear yet how Bonnie got control of Nate's phone, or why she's withholding information from Michaela and Laurel. But in this week's episode, fans got to see a glimpse of the conflict brewing between Bonnie and Nate. Even though the two of them have been fairly close in the past — they bonded over Annalise's personal wrongs against them in past seasons, for one thing — it looks like they're not as close moving forward. That's pretty understandable, though, given what Nate's been doing behind Bonnie's back.

As Annalise explains it to Bonnie, Nate's recent reconciliation with his father spurred him to do some digging of his own, into the baby Bonnie lost all those years ago. But Bonnie is less than thrilled, to say the least, considering the fact that she thought Nate had destroyed her file.

Just in case you missed it: When she was a teenager, Bonnie recounted in court that she was told that she'd lost the baby, and she never saw it alive after her pregnancy. But after looking into the circumstances post-Gabriel Maddox's arrival onto the scene, Nate was able to find a photo of a woman carrying the baby out of the hospital. That person, it turns out, was Bonnie's sister, Julie Winterbottom. (It's worth pointing out that "Julie" was also the fake name Bonnie used to book a therapy appointment with Isaac last season. Just saying.)

Nate tracks Bonnie's sister down, taking photos of her in an apparent disagreement with a younger man. Thinking he's young enough to be Bonnie's son, Nate steals a needle from the man's car, asking his girlfriend at the DNA lab to test it against Bonnie's DNA on file. She does, and she tells him it's not a match right after breaking up with him.

Even though they haven't found Bonnie's child yet, Annalise decides to take Nate's advice and tell Bonnie what he's been doing. She lets Bonnie know that she'll be there to support her, whether or not she wants to find her child. (Side note — is it possible that Bonnie's child could be a woman? The language Nate and Annalise have used has been pretty vague, with "child" often used in place of "son.")

ABC/Mitch Haasesth

It's safe to guess that Bonnie will agree to look for her child, considering how much this storyline has been built up the last few episodes. Or, if she doesn't agree to it, Nate and Annalise will keep digging anyway. For now, though, it looks like Bonnie needs to talk to Nate about why he decided to do this research without consulting her. The preview for next week's episode teases some serious discord between the two of them.

As for why Bonnie has his phone, well, some fans are worried Nate is the one bleeding in the snow outside Connor and Oliver's wedding reception. If Bonnie is really upset at him for looking into her child, she could have snapped and hurt him. Still, the phone could be a red herring — Bonnie harming Nate wouldn't explain why Oliver is missing, after all. (It also doesn't explain why Connor appears to have gotten into a fight at his own wedding, though that might not have to do with whoever is bleeding outside.)

This week's HTGAWm episode raised way more questions than answers. Fans still don't know if Bonnie's child is alive (and who they are if that's true), who's outside, or what Bonnie is hiding. Hopefully, next week's episode will shed some light as to why Bonnie is hanging onto Nate's phone, as well as which character might not have survived Connor and Oliver's wedding night.