This 'Fifty Shades Freed' Mystery Has A Weirdly Complicated Answer

With two Fifty Shades movies already released and the third coming out on Feb. 9, you would think that fans know everything about Christian and Ana's adventurous sexcapades. The couple sure likes to explore new territories, but they also keep one thing the same: Ana's hairstyle. But exactly why does Christian braid Ana's hair in Fifty Shades Freed and the other films? It's one of the biggest mysteries about the franchise, which has a lot of mysteries, including how the heck Christian Grey has so much money and how Ana has tolerated Christian's over-controlling behavior for so long.

While Grey Enterprises Holdings remains somewhat of an enigma, the fact that Christian braids Ana's hair before they have sex doesn't need to be. As far as bedroom behavior goes, the hair-braiding might have been one of the strangest parts of Ana Steele's foray into BDSM, because in the first two movies, Fifty Shades of Grey (writer: Kelly Marcel) and Fifty Shades Darker (producer: Dana Brunetti), the braid goes unaddressed.

According to a few different blogs dedicated to discussing Fifty Shades, the third book includes Christian telling Ana that he braids her hair because he used to play with his mother's hair. Ah, the Freudian explanation, got it. After Ana first asks Christian about the braid, her husband responds that he braids her hair so it doesn't get caught in anything. It's not until later that he reveals that it could also have to do with "the crack whore," aka his mother.

The conversation doesn't go much further than Christian just saying that he used to do his mother's hair. The fact that he braids Ana's before sex in the red room doesn't necessarily connect to that memory, but it opens up the conversation to discuss more of his mysterious past. Ana tries to do just that in the book, but she's immediately shut down by Christian. It's not exactly the greatest example of good open dialogue in a relationship, but at least it finally answers the braid question.

In the past, Christian has remained closed off whenever Ana tries to pry about his relationship with his mother. In E.L. James' Fifty Shades of Grey, Christian infamously grumbled, "The woman who brought me into this world was a crack whore, Anastasia. Go to sleep." To repeat: please don't turn to Fifty Shades as an example of open and honest communication. If you're looking for "kinky" sex, however, go forth and prosper.

Spoilers ahead. One of the most dramatic parts of Fifty Shades Freed is that Ana learns she's pregnant, and, if you've read the books you know that Ana and Christian have two children. With the duo getting married, buying a mansion to live in, and adding kids to the mix, it might sound like Fifty Shades of Grey gets pretty vanilla in its third installment. Somehow, however, it's basically impossible for Ana and Christian to live a "boring" life together. With private jets and seductive architects — and a few high-speed car chases thrown in — Fifty Shades Freed has all of the titillating excitement of the first two movies.

And even if Christian and Ana are now bonded in a married, legal way, they still, of course, continue exploring new ways to experience their sub/dom roles. There may not be a ton of information shared about Christian's mother in the new Fifty Shades movie, but that's not really the point of the series that started as erotic Twilight fan-fiction.

The actual point is to have fun and enjoy Fifty Shades Freed's sexy romance — or whatever it is. Grab your BFFs or SO and have a blast.