Here's What Prince Harry Will Likely Wear To The Royal Wedding

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In case you haven't heard, there's a majority event happening in the UK next week, and no JK Rowling hasn't announced another Harry Potter, but it is about a particular Harry. Prince Harry is marrying Meghan Markle, and the wedding is coming. Prince Harry's military clothes for the event, however, may have you wondering why he wears them so frequently. As it turns out, there's a pretty easy explanation here.

If you're not a royal aficionado, you may not know that prince isn't actually Prince Harry's day job, though it probably could be. He is royal, after all. However, it seems as though their charitable and princely duties weren't quite enough to fulfill both Prince Harry and his brother Prince William. Both men served in the Royal Army before leaving the services to take up what appear to be more charitable and diplomatic endeavors in their lives.

Prince Harry's position within the Royal Army is obviously why he commonly wears dress uniforms to important events, like maybe even his impending nuptials to Markle? It's actually his wedding that presents his most diverse choices in military according to Marie Claire, but just like with Markle's wedding dress, royal fans will have to wait until the big day.

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Royals don't simply wear military dress because many were involved in the service. Instead, some like Prince Harry's brother prince William as well as Harry himself, have honorary military titles bestowed on them by the Queen (aka by their grandmother). During his wedding, Prince William chose not to wear the uniform of his military regiment to his wedding, but he did still wear one. Instead of his own, he wore a specially designed uniform from the Colonel of the Irish Guards according to Marie Claire. Also according to the magazine? It was actually a preference of his grandmother, the Queen's.

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According to Elle, however, Prince Harry's military dress has a few options as well as the option to not don it at all. Why would he potentially forgo any sort of military attire, though, if he commonly wears it to formal events? It's all about his beard.

There are rules in place regarding the wearing of military uniforms, and one of these many rules is that men in uniform must be clean shaven. If you've been following Prince Harry and Markle's relationship, you know it's been quite some time since he's been without a beard. Will he really change it up for the wedding day, or will he wear something else? Or, given that this is Prince Harry, who has a reputation for being a rebel, will be wear the military with the beard? Only time will tell.

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As for the options for Prince Harry when it comes to military dress? Like his brother, he holds an honorary royal title. He took the title of Captain General Royal Marines from his grandfather who retired from public life, and as such, he could choose to wear this uniform. Of course, there's the other option which is his very own uniform from his regiment. It's the same Captain in the Household Cavalry's Blues and Royals that he wore to his brother's wedding.

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Only time will tell what Prince Harry decides to wear on his wedding day, but he's clearly got several options. Like his fiance's wedding gown, though, the news will probably not make it to the press until just before the big day. Lucky for you, though, the royal wedding is this weekend, May 19. While coverage begins early in the AM on the East Coast, isn't it worth it to see what they'll wear?