Why Kristin Cavallari Wouldn't Be On The 'Hills' Reboot — Even Without Her E! Show

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Few shows defined a generation like The Hills. It was Lauren telling Heidi that she "knows what [she] did." It was Audrina Patridge and Justin Bobby's never-ending situationship — and Lauren pointing out that "homeboy wore combat boots to the beach." The list goes on, but there are almost too many iconic scenes are to name. Now almost 10 years later, the show is back, this time as The Hills: New Beginnings. Many of the faces are the same, but a few notable ones are missing — like Kristin Cavallari, who won't be on The Hills: New Beginnings because she has too much other stuff going on right now.

Kristin wasn't in the original cast of The Hills — it was Lauren's show, and the two did not get along. But when Lauren opted to leave The Hills behind and head onto better things, like multiple clothing lines and a former rocker husband, it seemed like a great time to pull Kristin back into the fray. She dated Brody Jenner, and she seemed like the perfect pot-stirrer when she was on Laguna Beach. But when it comes to the reboot, Kristin just couldn't put herself back there.

In an interview with Hollywood Life, Kristin explained that while she would be happy to pop in for an episode or two, she would never go back to being a full-season cast member. "I would've loved to have made a cameo but I don't think I could've gone back to that whole lifestyle," she said. "As a mom and as a wife — if it was just me and I just had myself to look after, but mentally and emotionally, I could not have gone back to that same place."

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Kristin continued that she's "glad to be a viewer," anyway, and it makes sense — she has three kids, a husband, and her own businesses, not to mention her own reality series, Very Cavallari, on E!. There are other things that demand more of Kristin's time than arguing with Heidi and Spencer Pratt for the 50,000th time.

Speaking of Heidi and Spencer, they could be the reason that this Hills reunion didn't happen sooner. In 2018, Kristin said on The Jenny McCarthy Show on Sirius XM that a Hills reunion was in the works at the time, but it didn't pan out. "Truth be told, they were trying to get us all together,” Kristin said. "Then two people pulled out." Those two people were Heidi and Spencer who had signed another contract for a TV show with another network, and eventually, the whole deal for a Hills reunion fell apart.

Que sera, sera — Kristin has moved onto different things, so it's not a surprise that she's not on the show. She's not 22 anymore! That said, it would surely surprise and delight fans to see Kristin on New Beginnings for like, an episode? Just one? It may conflict with her E! contract, but Kristin is always so good at making great TV.