Gigi Gorgeous Is Over Your Obsession With Taylor Swift's Feuds For A Good Reason

Chelsea Guglielmino/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

At the 2017 MTV VMAs, there was a sense of anger in the air. From Katy Perry's running joke about coming home from the moon to find the world in disarray, to Paris Jackson calling out white supremacists, the show was jam-packed full of heated political discourse. And when it came to the VMAs red carpet, things weren't any different. Trans activist Gigi Gorgeous, who was recently tapped as a social media correspondent for MTV's TRL reboot, is choosing to focus on the positive — specifically, what women can do to help each other amid the turmoil of 2017's not-so-great policies for women.

As women look towards the future, Gigi hopes, "that we all stand together and build each other up, because tearing each other down, bullying each other... it's not going to get us anywhere," she says on the red carpet. "Although it is sometimes entertaining to watch, it's not cute."

Moments earlier, Gigi said that while she was excited to see Katy Perry host the show, she refuses to take sides in the supposed feud between Perry and fellow artist Taylor Swift. "I'm team me," she jokes, but her answer speaks volumes.

Focusing on yourself and on one another, without tearing other women down, might be the key to success in surviving Trump's presidency. The greater our numbers, the stronger we'll be. Gigi seems to think so. "It's about equality, acceptance, and sticking together with love," she concludes.

In his relatively short time as President of the United States, Trump has already threatened to defund The Global Women's Issues Office, he's limited abortion services for women among many other things, and of course, he's a blatant misogynist. Who can forget his now framed threats of grabbing women "by the p*ssy." It is clear that Trump is a true threat to women.

And with President Trump making it more difficult, and certainly expensive, to live as a woman in 2017, women need to stick together in order to succeed — and survive. Having activists for women (and of course, the trans community) speak out will only intensify the necessary, unified shouting in Trump's ear.