Why Lauren B. Should Be The Bachelorette If Arie Breaks Her Heart

Paul Hebert/ABC

One can never really predict who will make it to the second half of a Bachelor (editor: Amy Barbour) season. It seemed clear that early standouts like Bekah M. and Tia would be on the show for a long run, but it's also hard to tell what type of personality will catch the eye of the Bachelor. As the season goes on, however, Arie is revealing himself to be a big fan of Lauren B., and she could end up winning the whole season. But, will she win Arie's heart, or could the heartbreak of Arie's rejection push Lauren B. into being the next Bachelorette (associate producer: Megan Kropf)?

Even before she needed to stand out from the other women, Lauren. B needed to worry about standing out amongst the three other Laurens that were competing for Arie's love. However, now that she's the last Lauren standing, she's been getting frequent attention from Arie. After winning a group date and enjoying a Parisian one-on-one with him, things seem to be going great for Arie and Lauren. However, their Parisian stroll was marked by long silences and awkward stilted exchanges. She received another rose after her and Arie's one-on-one despite the odd energy, but that date helped prove something. Lauren B. is just like Arie, meaning they could be a great match or that Lauren B. could end up as The Bachelorette's version of Arie.

They Bring Out The Best In Their Partners

While Arie may not be the most surprising man to ever serve in the role of Bachelor, what he lacks in unpredictability he makes up for by being able to bring out the best in his partners. Many of the contestants on this season of The Bachelor have stood out for their strong personalities, highlighted by the fact that Arie's not really showing off his own. While Arie usually allows other people the chance to showcase themselves, Lauren was one of the only people that managed to flip the script and bring Arie out of his shell. Lauren's knack for getting others to reveal themselves could be put to great use on a season of The Bachelorette.

They Both Get Emotional

While Arie may not have opened up much on his season of The Bachelor, the end of his season on The Bachelorette revealed that Arie's a romantic at heart. However, he may be romantic to a fault since his last-ditch effort to win the heart of Emily Maynard did not work out. Going to Emily's house and handing her the journal that he wrote documenting their time together — after she'd rejected him, no less — may not have been a successful move for Arie, but it was a bold one.

Lauren hasn't done anything quite bold, but her private chat with a producer that was caught on camera after a rose ceremony revealed that she's feeling much more strongly for Arie than she lets on. Just because Lauren and Arie aren't always expressing their feelings, that doesn't mean they aren't having feelings. If that quality helped make Arie The Bachelor, then chances are the same thing could work for Lauren B.

They Both Love The Bachelor

This may seem obvious, but The Bachelor is much more than just the story of one man clearing his schedule for a few months so that he can date 29 women. Part of the joy of The Bachelor is the exciting, inventive group dates and the paid vacations to beautiful European cities. Arie enjoys the construct of The Bachelor so much that he returned after being away for five years. Lauren shares that love, judging by her Instagram feed which features memories from Bachelor days gone by. Even if Lauren doesn't find true love in Arie, she may have found true love in The Bachelor franchise.

Lauren and Arie may be so similar that they aren't perfect for each other. There's something to be said for the idea of opposites attracting, especially when seeing how the laid-back Arie is infatuated with more adventurous, energetic women like Bekah M. and Kendall. However, if the Bachelor producers are looking for someone to fit into a central role in the way that Arie does, they'd be hard-pressed to find a better Bachelorette than Lauren B.