Why Was Chris Soules Arrested? The 'Bachelor' Star Was Allegedly Involved In A Fatal Car Crash

The news began spreading Tuesday morning that Bachelor star Chris Soules was arrested for allegedly fleeing the scene of a deadly car crash. The arrest was confirmed to Bustle by the Buchanan County Sheriff's Office. A press release from the sheriff's office also confirmed that one person was killed in the crash, in which a pickup truck collided with a tractor and both vehicles landed in a ditch.

UPDATE: Audio released by the Buchanan County Sheriff's department shows that Chris Soules called 911 in regards to the accident.

UPDATE #2: A rep for Soules released the following statement to Bustle on May 3: "Neither Mr. Soules nor his legal counsel will be responding to the numerous tabloid style articles and journalists who have been reporting false and misleading stories by citing 'unnamed sources. Rather, they will be focusing on presenting the truth, which will reveal how inaccurate and unfair so many of these news accounts have been. We are confident that the fair-minded citizens of Iowa will do what they’ve always done – reserve judgment until all of the accurate information is properly presented."

EARLIER: Soules' rep did not return Bustle's request for comment at the time of publication, but his lawyers did release a statement to Just Jared, which reads:

According to TMZ, Soules was allegedly driving the pickup truck and rear-ended a tractor. He was arrested specifically for allegedly fleeing the scene. News station KWWL reports that court documents state alcohol containers were found at the scene.

The Bachelor star's bail is set at $10,000, and, while his initial court appearance was on Tuesday, his preliminary hearing is scheduled for May 2. The Iowa native is charged with a Class D felony, according to the sheriff's office, which can lead to a maximum five-year sentence and $7,500 in fines for non-habitual offenders.

This isn't Soules' first run-in with the law. He has multiple guilty charges tied to issues including speeding, drinking underage, and operating a vehicle while under the influence, as indicated by court records.

UPDATE: The Buchanan County Sheriff's Office released the following updated press release to Bustle Tuesday afternoon:

EARLIER: The full press release from the Buchanan County Sheriff's Department reads as follows: