Everything The 'Big Little Lies' Cast & Crew Have Said About A Potential Season 3

Jennifer Clasen/HBO

Sunday is technically Big Little Lies' Season 2 finale, but based on what the folks behind the show have said about Big Little Lies Season 3, it very well may be the series finale, too. Both HBO president Casey Bloys and David E. Kelley, an executive producer and writer for the series, have said that Season 2 ends with real closure. And it doesn't sound like they have any plans to continue the show.

"Season 2 was a chance for everyone involved to end in a way that feels satisfying," Bloys told TVLine in an interview. And Kelley told the outlet in another interview, "We like where our closure is at the end of Season 2. That will probably be it."

Douglas Smith, who plays Jane's new love interest Corey, also described Season 2 to Bustle as an "encore" — as in, you know, one big last hurrah. "The way I understand it, it's like an encore. You go see a band play and they come back for one more song," he said. "But I guess nothing's impossible."

The synopsis for Season 2's final episode, called "I Want to Know," says, "Celeste questions Mary Louise about a tragic event from Perry’s childhood; Madeline worries their lie is tearing the Monterey Five apart." That's not super descriptive, but it's likely that the episode will wrap up Celeste's custody case (and perhaps explain what really happened to Perry's brother), reveal whether or not Bonnie will confess, and tie up loose ends with Madeline, Jane, and Renata's relationship drama. If there is, as Kelley said, closure for all of these storylines, it will further emphasize that Big Little Lies is unlikely to return for a third season.

Jennifer Clasen/HBO

Beyond that, Bloys also told TVLine that scheduling is a big reason why a third season isn't really on the table. "I love this group of people — I would do anything with them," Bloys said. "But the reality is, they are some of the busiest actresses working in Hollywood ... I just think it's not realistic."

In fact, Bloys previously told The Hollywood Reporter that it was a "small miracle" that Season 2 was able to happen in the first place. "Everybody involved is so busy that it's hard to imagine aligning everybody's schedule again," he said. "Could we do it again? Who knows? It's a great group. They love working together and they're really fun to work with. But everybody is really busy. So let's see."

Jennifer Clasen/HBO

That "let's see" is a little promising, particularly considering Bloys also told TVLine, "Look, if they all came to me and said, ‘We worked out all of our schedules!' then sure." Plus, Reese Witherspoon joked to TVLine that Kelley said after Season 1 that they were done, and then look what happened. And it's worth noting that the finale is listed on the HBO press site as the "season finale" not the series one.

Overall, it seems like the odds are low for a third season, but you never know. If the stars align and all the actors can come back for more, it could happen. But if not, at least the Season 2 finale is meant to be a satisfying one.