‘Below Deck Med’ Fans Will Be Thrilled At This Captain Sandy News

by Kristie Rohwedder
Virginia Sherwood/Bravo

When Below Deck Mediterranean (executive producer: Nadine Rajabi) returns later this year, everyone's favorite nap-loving, anchor-detangling, crew-coaching yacht captain will be along for the ride. As Bravo announced back in December, Captain Sandy will be on Below Deck Med Season 3. She made the best kind of splash on Season 2 of Below Deck Mediterranean (key makeup artist: Natalie Castillo), and it looks like she's only just begun. (You know what else has only just begun? The corny nautical-themed jokes. Buckle up.)

Captain Sandy won't be the only Season 2 yachtie who will keep riding the Below Deck Med wave: Chef Adam Glick and chief stew Hannah Ferrier will be on Season 3, too. Given how much those two brought to the show last season, this casting decision feels quite right. Adam and Hannah are more or less the Chef Ben Robinson and Chief Stew Kate Chastain of Below Deck Med, which is to say they’re a pairing made in reality TV heaven. When Adam and Hannah get along, it’s like sailing across a tranquil ocean of espresso martinis. But when they clash? Batten down the hatches, sound the alarm, and slip on a life vest... or five. And whatever you do, stay the heck out of the galley.

Funnily enough, Chef Adam and Hannah happen to be the two Season 2 crew members who could've gotten the axe, had Captain Sandy seen all of the footage while they were still filming. When The Huffington Post asked Captain Sandy to list the season's fireable offenses back in June 2017, she replied, "Onion tampering and promiscuous behavior with charter guests."

Ah, yes. Chef Adam's refusal to heed one charter guest's "no onions" request was quite the debacle, and Hannah fraternizing with another charter guest wasn't exactly the most professional move. But if you think this means Captain Sandy harbors a grudge against the chef or the chief stew, think again. Fireable offenses be darned, she's still down to work with those two. Captain Sandy told HuffPo, "I would work with everyone again from this season’s charter. I like them all."

Speaking of people from the last charter that the captain liked, it seems as though the Season 2 MVP has moved on from the series. Wes Walton and Captain Sandy were quite the dynamic duo last season, but their lovely dynamic will not be part of Season 3. It looks like Wes bowed out while he was still ahead; unlike another Below Deck bosun, he exited the reality program with his reputation still intact. Whoever takes his spot on Season 3 has some pretty big boat shoes to fill.

Frankly, every newcomer has some pretty big boat shoes to fill. The Season 2 cast was incredible, and all of the drama that happened between the crew members was beyond. Thanks to things like Oniongate, the iPad debacle, Malia and Adam’s secret pre-show romance, the water bottle that fell on Bobby Giancola while he was trying to catch some shuteye, Wes' heart of gold, everything Max Hagley brought to the mix, and that dang knotted anchor chain, every episode of Season 2 was riveting. You may say Season 2 was one of the best seasons the Below Deck franchise has ever seen. You wouldn't be wrong. You may even go so far as to call it a perfect season of reality TV. Again, you wouldn't be wrong.

And standing the helm of this fantastic charter season was the inimitable Captain Sandy. She guided her crew through one metaphorical storm after another, patiently showing them the ropes, calling them out when they were out of line, and encouraging them to get as much sleep as possible. Season 3 is so lucky to have her.