Fans Are Already Debating Whether Or Not Cassie Can Be The Next Bachelorette

ABC/Rick Rowell

We're getting down to the wire this season on The Bachelor, and there are still a few ways things could go for Colton and his remaining women. But not only are viewers wondering who Colton will ask to be his wife — it's also time to start speculating who will take up the reigns to the next season of the show, The Bachelorette. There's one contestant fans already think is gunning for the lead role, and it's led to a big question — will Cassie be the Bachelorette?

Though no one knows for sure, there are plenty of viewers who think Cassie definitely wants the gig, even though she hasn't been eliminated yet. Rumors always fly that certain contestants only embark on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette in the hopes of becoming the next lead themselves, and Cassie has become the target of such speculation in recent weeks.

Bachelor Nation is notorious for concocting theories about people being on the show for "the right reasons," so it's no surprise they've been analyzing each and every move. There's been criticism of Cassie's reactions at rose ceremonies and even suggestions she's trying to eliminate herself so she can scoop up the job before Colton potentially chooses her in the end.

I don't know that I'm convinced, though — Colton and Cassie's chemistry seems pretty real. She's been hesitant to tell him she's falling in love with him, but that could have to do with the fact that they've known each other for about five seconds, and she's 22 years old. Things take time! None of us can actually know anyone's true intentions, so I think it's a little bold to say she's gone through all these dates with Colton just to lead a TV show. Anything's possible, though, so who knows.

The more important question is if Cassie would make a good Bachelorette — if she is destined to get the job, how well would she carry a season?

Cassie seems like a perfectly sweet person, despite the few tiffs she's gotten into this season with the other women in the house. Her and Caelynn's friendship has warmed a few hearts, and she definitely has some viewers on her side. If given the opportunity, I'm sure she'd make a completely acceptable Bachelorette.

But that's about all Cassie has shown thus far. She's not a particularly big personality, at least in what viewers have seen onscreen, and we really don't know all that much about who she is even as we approach the end of the season. It'd be nice to see a Bachelorette with a bit more pizzazz, or a bit more of a story to tell.

To be fair, though, Cassie's kind of innocuous, inoffensive charm fits in exactly with what The Bachelor has leaned toward in recent seasons. Colton hasn't exactly been an expert entertainer throughout his season — he's simply been friendly, and game to throw himself into the process. The most recent Bachelorette, Becca, was often delightful, but admittedly not that exciting of a lead. Arie's Bachelor season was a bona fide snoozefest until the last episode, and that only changed because he chose to needlessly humiliate Becca on live television. But I digress.

The point is that the Bachelor franchise, at least recently, doesn't seem to choose leads who are the most flashy, controversial, bold or theatrical. It chooses the ones who will trust in the ~journey~ and put their heart on the line without too much of a second thought. At least in what she projects onscreen, Cassie might just fit the bill.