Catalina Has Left 'Jane The Virgin' For Now

Michael Desmond/The CW

She exited Jane's world as swiftly as she entered it — and if Twitter is any indication, fans are pretty OK about it. During "Chapter 53," Catalina left Jane the Virgin to head to New York City. Rafael breaking up with her was the impetus, but it was a huge relief for Jane, Alba, and Xiomara as well. Yet, Jane's deceptive cousin seemed rife with possibility — at least in regard to her acting as a foil for Jane. So, is Catalina's time on Jane the Virgin finished? While I expect that viewers will be getting a much needed break from Cat for now, there's no way she won't be back on the series eventually ... right?

Although I dislike Catalina as much as the next gal, I was OK with a new sinister force hitting the Jane the Virgin scene since Sin Rostro has been on hiatus and frankly, Rose has caused enough damage to last a lifetime. Yet, Catalina's potential to be a major villain was slightly squandered with her leaving the show during the Jan. 30 episode, which is why I'm confident that she'll return. In just a few episodes, she was able to get under Jane's skin and in Rafael's bed. Plus, she showed she's capable of teaming up with Petra and she's majorly connected to Alba's past. So, Catalina is perfectly set up to wreak havoc on these characters' lives and it would be a missed opportunity to never have her come back — even if fans would rather not see her again.

Another reason Catalina will most likely show her face again is because her story didn't come full circle — or even half circle. Jane the Virgin is always extremely clever with its storytelling and Catalina's story seemed to have way too many loose ends to be left where it ended. Are viewers really to believe that she just innocently showed up on Jane's doorstep? That she'll have nothing to do with her ex-husband Arnaud anymore? That she doesn't steal on the regular? That she wasn't somehow manipulating Rafael even though they shared a sweet moment? Jane the Virgin has established that Catalina's shady, but what's her motivation? When (not if) she returns, I want some truths about Catalina to be revealed.

As she'll more than likely cause Jane grief, I'm certainly not wishing for Catalina to come back anytime soon. However, I know deep down it would be out of character for Jane the Virgin not to bring her back at all. So, if you're dreading the return of Catalina one day like many fans, just be happy that she's gone for now. And if she does show up again, one positive aspect (from a storytelling perspective at least) is that maybe she'll reveal more about Alba's past. Although Jane's abuela certainly won't be pleased, learning more about Alba's secretive time in Venezuela will certainly make me happy.