'The Bachelor's Corinne Needs Her Own Show


If you had told me early on in this season of The Bachelor that I'd be asking whether Corinne Olympios will get her own spin-off show and hoping against hope that the answer is yes, I would have laughed in your face. But now that she's been eliminated, I've seen the light and fully believe that Corinne is deserving of her very own show. Plus, it's idea that she's already pitched herself. Corinne was painted as the villain on Bachelor Season 21 pretty much since she stepped foot out of the limo, getting under the skin of the other contestants, sleeping through Rose Ceremonies, and refusing to acknowledge the implicit rules of the game.

She would grab Nick for alone time first, or for a second time before the other women had gone once, speaking openly on camera about her sexuality and the way she's used it to try to capture and keep his attention. After all, she was here for Nick, not to make friends. Because of all this and the way she's captivated fans, I assumed that we'd be seeing her on Bachelor in Paradise, because that's where all the franchise's villains ultimately turn up — either for a shot at redemption or to continue their bad behavior.

But, as the season went on, I began to have a change of heart about Corinne, realizing that she isn't the two-dimensional trope that I might have initially written her off as. All the traits that might initially put someone off about the 24-year-old, when seen in a different light, are actually proof of her confidence and self-awareness: she knows herself, has a very low tolerance for BS and is unapologetic about what she brings to the table.

She was a big part of what made this season watchable, even finding a way to turn her elimination into a moment of empowerment, vowing to change the way she pursues men going forward to make sure she demands their respect and support instead of feeding their egos. And Corinne's place on BIP was secured before she'd even been eliminated from the show; Chris Harrison actually said he would pack her bags himself.

But, as always, Corinne has other plans, and they're bigger and better than what you might imagine for her. In a post-elimination interview with Glamour, Corinne, was asked about the likelihood that she'd sign on for Bachelor in Paradise, and she hedged a bit.

Glamour: Bachelor in Paradise…will you do it?
Corinne: I don’t know.
Glamour: You do know if you go to Bachelor in Paradise that they will have to get you a bouncy house.
Corinne: Obviously. It’s going to have to just stay there for me. I might sleep in it too if I go. But I don’t know if I want to go.
Glamour: Why are you hesitant?
Corinne: I just feel like I need my own show. [Laughs.] Sorry, just putting it out there.

Sorry not sorry, but she's right. She does need her own show. Even when Corinne wasn't coming off as the most likable, she was always good television. More and more, I'm of the opinion that the reason she didn't shine early on is because she was larger than life and didn't fit within the confines of The Bachelor.

As The Cut points out, if she already had a rose and didn't want to stand through an all-night Rose Ceremony, she slept through it; if she didn't want to shovel poop on a date, she sat it out. This is a girl who knows what she wants and goes for it, so, if she's saying out loud that she wants her own show, I'd bet money that she's going to get it.

Corinne stands out all on her own, so it makes more sense to build a show around her. And according to her, there are already whispers about doing just that. When the Glamour interviewer asked if there had been talks, Corinne responded, "Of course! America wants Corinne because I made America Corinne again."

I don't profess to be an expert in Corinne-ese, but I'm pretty sure that translates to, "America would love it if I had my own show," and I really can't argue with that.