Will Cyrus Shoot Liam On 'The Royals'? He May Not Want To Help His Nephew

When Cyrus is your last resort on The Royals, you know you're in trouble. That's the predicament that Liam was put in during the Season 3 finale and when he asked his uncle for help, it looked like Cyrus pointed a gun at Liam on The Royals. Sure, it seemed that the former king was excited to form an alliance with his nephew, but the episode ended on that cliffhanger. While I doubt that William Moseley would never not be part of the E! show, it certainly looked like Cyrus might shoot Liam on The Royals. With Cyrus' body double shooting himself in the head during the first moments of The Royals Season 3 finale, the episode started with a bang, but could it have ended with one too?

After Liam unsuccessfully tried to convince his sister and mother that Robert was manipulating them and basically the worst (although Liam didn't have a ton of proof, he was 100 percent right about his older brother), he turned to Cyrus for help. Everything that has happened on The Royals up until now has highlighted that becoming allies with Cyrus is never a great plan, but he's a good go-to person when you're super desperate. So, the idea of Liam and Cyrus aligning was actually pretty fascinating — that is, until it looked like Cyrus was raising a loaded gun to his nephew in the last second of the Season 3 finale.

Despite this crazy turn of events, I'm fairly certain that Cyrus won't be murdering Liam and The Royals was just toying with fans. That's because instead of Cyrus shooting Liam, the better story would be that these opposites join forces in Season 4. If that's what you were hoping for, then you're in luck since showrunner Mark Schwahn pretty much confirmed this unlikely pairing will be buddies in Season 4. "It does feel like that is going to be a partnership and alliance," Schwahn said during the Royal Hangover after the Season 3 finale. He also brought up how Liam's goodness could impact Cyrus and how Cyrus' evil ways could impact Liam. Either way, I'm pumped to see this dynamic go down in Season 4.

Although Cyrus presumably pointing the gun at Liam will lead Loyals to speculate until the Season 4 premiere, I'm going to remain confident that this plot point will be disarmed (forgive the pun) fairly quickly come next season. After all, not only would The Royals not be the same without Prince Liam, but he's the only person to know just how awful Robert really is.