Jasper Knows A Secret About Robert On 'The Royals'


While paternity issues aren't anything new for The Royals, the plot point might come back before Season 3 ends. That's because Jasper knows a secret about Robert on The Royals. And better yet (for fans of the E! show who do not like Robert), Jasper is going to tell Liam what he knows about the new king of England. Although the secret about Robert on The Royals could be about anything, the biggest — and perhaps, most predictable — twist would be that Robert is not Simon's son. If that's the case, then Liam could become king. Yet, does it seem reasonable that Jasper would know anything about Robert's paternity? On The Royals, there's always a chance.

Robert and Liam have been at odds since Robert returned to the palace during Season 3 of The Royals. Part of that is because Liam had been sleeping with Robert's girlfriend when his older brother returned from the dead, but the other part has to do with the deep-seated resentment that Liam has toward Robert. It came to a head when Robert asked Liam to defame Cyrus during the privy council vote that would decide who would be king next. Instead of Liam lying about his scheming uncle, he pretty much (in American terms) pleaded the fifth. Despite Liam not speaking up for his brother, Robert was chosen as the next king over Cyrus (as he should have been).

Although Robert will make a better king than Cyrus, there apparently is a secret about Robert that could have a huge impact. And fans of #KingLiam, should be excited since Jasper has this intel and is going to tell Liam.

One of the leading theories is that the secret that Jasper knows is that Robert is Captain Alistair Lacey's son. Just like Liam lost the throne when Helena lied that Lacey was Eleanor and Liam's father, if Lacey was actually Robert's father, then Robert could not be king. Liam would become king by default and fulfill the social media wish of #KingLiam.

However, Jasper having gotten that intel from Brandon Boone seems like a long shot. So, the other working theory is that Robert had something to do with his own plane being shot down. While no one can deny that Ted Pryce stabbed King Simon, The Royals has never shown Ted explicitly giving the order to Brandon to shoot down Robert's plane. Perhaps, Robert orchestrated his own death to avoid becoming king. That would also help explain why Robert hid on that island. This revelation wouldn't mean that Robert couldn't be king now, but it would certainly be a scandal.


With the Season 3 finale airing on Feb. 19, there's a chance The Royals will reveal the tantalizing secret Jasper knows about Robert before the season is over. However, no matter what the dirt Jasper has on the new king, that doesn't guarantee that Liam will ever sit on the throne.