Veruca Slapped Some Sense Into 'The Royals' Cyrus


Back during The Royals Season 1 when Princesses Penelope and Maribel were still around, I wondered who their mother was. Well, patience paid off since Cyrus' ex-wife appeared on The Royals during the Season 3 episode, "Our (Late) Dear Brother's Death." And she was well worth the wait since Veruca Popperwell, the Duchess of Essex, literally slapped Cyrus out of his funk and brought back the man we all love to hate. While Cyrus is certainly going to wreak havoc on the kingdom, it's going to be fun to watch and The Royals fans have Veruca all to thank for it.

Ever since Cyrus thought he saw Violet on the palace grounds (because of Helena using a body double), he has been depressed — and Helena telling him that Liam would replace him as the King of England certainly didn't help. Not to mention, Cyrus also has a terminal illness with his testicular cancer. So after killing Jeffrey Stewart, Cyrus has been keeping himself busy in Season 3 by drowning his sorrows in booze and drugs, resigned to the fact that he will no longer be the King of England soon.

Enter Veruca. His ex-wife and mother of his two daughters showed up during the Jan. 1 episode to gloat about Cyrus dying from cancer. However, once she found out that Cyrus would be losing the throne — meaning, her daughter Penelope would never be queen and she'd never be the queen mother, she gave Cyrus a pep talk. Thankfully for scheming Cyrus fans, she delivered it the only way he understands — with lots of sass and slaps.

If you ignore that Maribel and Penelope have been missing in Season 3 (must be hanging with Mr. Moorefield and the Eurotrash Cyrus mentioned) and that Cyrus does have a son with the maid Prudence, then you can just enjoy Veruca's delicious appearance for what it should be — an impetus to return Cyrus to form. She even inspired her ex to have sex with his own body double (how perfectly Cyrus) and now that Cyrus' sex drive is back, he is ready to keep his throne no matter what.

While I have no idea how he will manage to maintain being king with both Liam and Robert as Simon's legitimate heirs, I can't wait to see how he'll try. As Veruca said, he is not the type of person to let doctor results, Helena, or cancer stand in his way, so you know it will be ruthless. So watch out for some seriously messed up plotting from Cyrus and here's hoping that we'll see more of Veruca in the future since this pair makes for a dastardly team.