This Heartbreaking ‘GoT’ Dragons Theory Will Force You To Choose Between Your Faves

by Jordan Lauf

Amid all of the drama and shocking revelations from Sunday night's episode of Game of Thrones, "Eastwatch", there were a few tender moments— one of which, surprisingly, involved a dragon. Jon Snow met Drogon on Game of Thrones, and the two hit it off immediately, with the fearsome Drogon even letting Jon pet him. This scene seemed to communicate what neither Jon nor Dany know yet: Jon is a Targaryen. But since the dragons seemingly recognize Jon as one of their family, a new question emerges — could Dany's dragons turn on her for Jon Snow? It's a heartbreaking theory that will force you to choose between your faves. Because, as much as fans love Dany and her dragons, seeing Jon ride one would be so cool too.

As we learned during Gilly's revelation, Jon isn't a bastard— his parents Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark were legally married when he was born. This means that as the son of the former heir to the Seven Kingdoms, Jon technically has a more legitimate claim to the Iron Throne than Dany herself. Now that the dragons have met a Targaryen who outranks their current mother, it might be that they decide Jon is a more worthy ruler. Even Khaleesi seemed a little confused when Drogon took to Jon so quickly, an expression of puzzlement and slight jealousy crossing her face.

Helen Sloan/HBO

There will likely be plenty of opportunities for Jon to interact with the dragons going forward, and maybe sway their allegiance. There's long been a theory that Jon will become a dragon rider. Dragon riders were really important back in the old days, but no one has been able to master the talent recently — until Khaleesi, that is. Dragons don't just let anyone ride them, and it seems like Drogon is the only one of the three that Dany is really able to ride and control. With Drogon and Jon's recent connection, perhaps he will unseat Khaleesi.

Yet, this outcome seems pretty unlikely. After all, Dany is The Mother of Dragons herself. None of them could have been hatched if she didn't walk into the fire with them at the end of Season 1. She's saved them from those who tried to steal them or buy them. They've been loyal to her even when she put them in chains in Meereen. Drogon allows her to ride him. It would take a pretty drastic turn of events for the Mother of Dragons to lose the loyalty of her children entirely.

But, if she's going to unleash more than one dragon into combat, it might be helpful that have someone who can also command her children. And that's where Jon could come in.

An article in Vanity Fair pointed out that, in the books, it's implied that there will be three dragon riders:

There’s a prophetic dream sequence in the books that has Daenerys’ dead brother Rhaegar saying “the dragon has three heads.” This is commonly accepted (with encouragement from Martin) to mean that there will be three dragon riders in A Song of Ice and Fire. But those dragon riders will probably be at least partially Targaryen.

This prophecy, though not included explicitly in the show adaptation, seems to heavily suggest that since Jon is a Targaryen, there's a pretty good chance he's getting on a dragon. As for the third rider? The article suggests perhaps Tyrion, though after seeing how he barely got along with the dragons when he unchained them in Meereen, I have some serious doubts about that theory.

Regardless of whether everyone's favorite Lannister will be riding at the helm of Drogon any time soon, I do think it's likely that Dany's dragons will quickly become loyal both to her and to Jon. The Mother of Dragons won't lose the love of her children— they'll just have gained a father.