Dany Is Most Definitely Going To Kill Jon Snow In The 'GoT' Series Finale

Helen Sloane/HBO

Spoiler for Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 5. Jon Snow better sleep with one eye open after what Daenerys Targaryen did to King's Landing. After taking out the innocent, it now appears that Dany will kill Jon Snow next. At the very least, it's hard to believe she won't try, since she thinks he betrayed her by telling his sister Sansa that he's actually the rightful heir to the Iron Throne. And if the Mother of Dragons' reign of destruction in Episode 5 taught us anything, it's that she's here to win the game of thrones by any means necessary.

In Sunday night's episode, "The Bells," Dany became the Mad Queen, and whether you agree with this character arc or not — Twitter definitely didn't — it set up another battle of ice and fire. For Game Of Thrones, payback might be a Khaleesi scorned. After all, she let Jon Snow know in the final penultimate episode that she is now ruling with fear because love and respect wasn't working all that well for her in the North.

Daenerys is now an empowered tyrant who isn't afraid to burn the whole thing down. Yep, it turns out it wasn't snow we saw in Daenerys's Iron Throne prophecy back in Season 2, it was ash. No matter how much she loves and wants Jon Snow, she wants power more, and he's one of the few remaining people that actually stands in her way of getting that. If she kills him, then she has an easier path to the throne. Being that Jon Snow's always been too trusting, it's possible this queen will be able to manipulate him fairly easily.

It's not to say he won't go without a fight. The question of whether Jon Snow will kill Dany has always been out there. And no matter how many times Jon Snow swears that Dany is his queen, how could he ever bend the knee after watching her fire bomb a whole city? Instead, Jon Snow could become the queenslayer, taking out the Mad Queen for the good of the kingdom and perhaps, losing his life in the process.

George R.R. Martin's book series is called Song Of Ice & Fire for a reason. It's always been a battle between these elements, and Dany and Jon are the obvious stand-ins. They're both natural leaders that have shown they can rule, but have very different leadership styles. While Dany wants to rule the Iron Throne with an iron fist, Jon Snow is a man of the people. The presumed kind and benevolent hero who will survive to rule, huzzah.

But Game Of Thrones has also blown up some of those assumptions that good always wins. Ned Stark was beheaded, Robb and Catelynn were massacred, and Oberyn Martell had his eyes gouged out by The Mountain while trying to help Tyrion. The show's also blown up some of their own prophecies. For instance, Cersei dying in Jaime's arms in the most recent episode turned the tables on the Valonqar prophecy that hinted that she would be killed by her brother. Having Dany kill Jon Snow, or Jon Snow die while trying to kill her, would blow up the idea that he's the real savior of the Seven Kingdoms.

Dany will not be ignored in the Game Of Thrones finale, but neither will Arya, who rode off on her white horse seemingly ready to fulfill her own GoT prophecy and bring the yee-haw agenda to Westeros. Melisandre told Arya she will kill someone with brown (Walder Frey), blue eyes (The Night King), and green eyes. And what do you know, Daenerys has green eyes.

And let's not forget that Arya is a Faceless Man, skilled at stealing faces and hellbent on killing the (new) Queen. What if she steals Jon's face to take out Dany? A shocking way to have Jon Snow kill Daenerys and for Arya to prove she was the real hero of this story all along. This girl is not no one, she is Arya Stark and don't you ever forget it.

Of course, if there's one thing we know about Game Of Thrones, it's that we don't know anything at all. Time and time again, the fan theories have been much more fulfilling than the reality of this show. So will Dany kill Jon Snow? Maybe. Will Arya end up killing Daenerys? Perhaps. Will fans be happy with the Game Of Thrones finale? We'll have to wait and see now won't we.