These 6 Jon & Daenerys 'Game Of Thrones' Theories Could Spell Doom For The Couple

Just one season ago, it looked like the King in the North and the Dragon Queen were the perfect couple. But a paternity twist, a war with the dead, and a brewing battle for the Iron Throne has left poor Daenerys and Jon Snow's relationship in shambles. They're so far gone now that Game of Thrones fans are sharing all kinds of theories suggesting Daenerys and Jon are going to kill each other before the series ends. There's definitely a big leap between making out on a boat and murder, but hey, there's no such thing as happily ever after in Westeros. Just ask Twitter.

The sheer amount of theories that are circulating about Jon and Daenerys' fate is astounding, and the only thing they have in common is that fans are pretty certain at least one of them won't make it out of their relationship alive. How did things get so dark, so quick? Well, Jon finding out he's the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark certainly dampened the honeymoon period for the couple, but it's Jon's claim to the throne that really has the characters all twisted up.

Right now, the only thing that's certain is Jon and Daenerys could be hurtling toward a bleak end if any one of these theories about the couple turns out to be true.

1. Jon Will Kill Daenerys When She Becomes The Mad Queen

The Daenerys becomes the Mad Queen theory is gaining major traction thanks to the series of losses the Dragon Queen has endured lately, including the deaths of Missandei, Jorah, and two of her dragons. If it looks like Dany could be a threat to the realm, Jon may have to become a queenslayer, even if it breaks his heart.

2. Daenerys Will Kill Jon For The Iron Throne

Look, the Mother of Dragons has come a long way to sit on the Iron Throne, and she's not interested in letting Jon have it simply because tradition says he has a better claim as the male heir. It's a dark theory, but fans are definitely considering the possibility that Daenerys could simply kill Jon Snow to ensure the throne is hers alone.

3. One Of Them Will Fulfill The Prince That Was Promised Prophecy

It's hard to say whether the Prince That Was Promised prophecy is still in play. After all, that truly was Melisandre's baby, and she peaced out after the Battle of Winterfell, leaving some to believe that Arya subverted the prophecy's details by killing the Night King anyway. Still, some fans can't help but wonder if Cersei is the true darkness that needs to be defeated, and if she is, then either Daenerys or Jon could be set to make a major sacrifice.

Azor Ahai originally forged his flaming sword by plunging it into the heart of his love, Nissa Nissa. Some suspect history may repeat itself, with Jon or Daenerys being forced to choose between their love for each other or protecting the realm.

4. Daenerys Becomes The Night Queen

Now that Arya has ended the Night King's reign, it seems unlikely that the White Walkers will come into play again. However, the idea that Daenerys becomes the Night Queen remains a popular one. As Twitter user @Cetacea3 pointed out, there is a fan theory that suggests Jon could kill Daenerys with dragonglass, leading to her becoming something far worse than a mad queen.

5. Jon's Death Is What *Makes* Daenerys The Mad Queen

What if Daenerys doesn't kill Jon? There are a lot of people gunning for her right now, including her own adviser, Varys. If Jon finds himself dying for his queen (a fitting end for a man so defined by honor) it could be the last straw that pushes her toward a reign like her father's. Because after being betrayed so many times and losing the people she loves, Daenerys may be pushed to a point where a "burn them all" philosophy starts to sound reasonable.

6. They Choose Each Other

Forget Ramsay and his there are no happy endings rhetoric for a moment. While the odds are definitely stacked against them, the possibility that Jon and Daenerys choose each other is still on the table. After all, Jon has no real interest in ruling, and he's said more than once that the Mother of Dragons is his queen. Maybe these crazy kids can make things work despite the dark cloud looming over their relationship.

Daenerys and Jon Snow appear to be heading toward a heartbreaking end, but that shouldn't stop fans from holding out at least a little hope that the Dragon Queen and the King in the North might still find some semblance of a happy ending.