There Are Clues That Destiny's Child Will Reunite In 2018 & You May Need To Sit Down

Christopher Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Can all the women who are independent throw their hands up? Destiny's Child could be reuniting in 2018, if this tweet is any indication. So, if you've been maintaining a vision board regarding such a wish, then congratulations, your hard work could finally be paying off. But before you truly start celebrating, it's worth mentioning that the potential Destiny's Child reunion isn't based on any concrete proof. However, once you've made your way through these clues, you'll likely agree that all signs seem to indicate that something is happening in the Destiny's Child camp. The stars are aligned, and this reunion might actually be coming together.

The main tweet that appears to have provoked speculation was posted on Tuesday by @DaKingKK, and it highlights four social media posts of note. Captioned, "THEY. ARE. COMING. COACHELLA IS ABOUT TO BE LEGENDARY," the tweet highlights an image shared by Beyoncé, a Instagram story made by Michelle Williams, and two posts made by original Destiny's Child members LaTavia Roberson and LeToya Luckett. As individual posts, all of them seem innocent enough, nothing to see here, moving on, you bug-a-boos. But when judged together, well. We're ready for this jelly, ladies. Please come back to us.

Before we break down each one of these "clues," it's worth adding a reminder that Beyoncé is headlining Coachella in 2018, and that the theory is suggesting that the reunion could take place there. Which would obviously be so amazing that it's barely fathomable right now.

What we can currently fathom, however, is the first piece of "evidence" that a Destiny's Child reunion could be in development: this Beyoncé picture in which the "DC" of her AC/DC t-shirt is given notable prominence.

Though not directly shared on her social media feeds, the image was presented on Beyoncé's official website. And while you might be tempted to shrug this "clue" off as being little more than coincidence, this is one of the world's most meticulous artists we're talking about here. There are no accidents or simple coincidences where Bey is concerned, because she's basically a living, breathing work of art. And this particular portrait appears to be a stealthy, cool tribute to Destiny's Child.

Which brings us to Williams' Instagram story in which the singer shared a picture of her outfit from the iconic Destiny's Child Half Time show at the 2013 Super Bowl, along with the caption, "y'all remember this performance outfit..."

But it's perhaps the posts shared by original members, Luckett and Roberson (who exited the band after The Writing's On The Wall was released,) that are the most compelling.

Posted towards the end of October, Luckett shared an adorable throwback picture of the band, like someone currently enjoying (or looking forward to) a heartwarming reunion with old pals.

Pair this with Roberson's tweet made at the start of December, which stated, "I have so much to tell you guys! All I'm allowed to say right now is.. never mind," and the theory just got really real. Maybe Roberson wanted to talk about a secret Destiny's Child mission that would make all of our musical dreams come true in 2018?

Another piece of evidence for the reunion that wasn't included in the original tweet is the fact that 2018 will mark the 20th anniversary of Destiny's Child debut album. Released in 1998, the album featured the vocal talents of Beyoncé, Roberson, Luckett, and Kelly Rowland — and that would make the incorporation of the OG band members feel all the more satisfying. Granted, the album released in February and Coachella is in April. But who says their reunion has to happen on the exact day of the album? The whole year works just as well for fans.

While reunions involving Rowland, Beyoncé, and Williams are always cause for much excitement, true fans of the iconic girl group would lose their minds over a line-up that included Luckett and Roberson, too. Particularly because would love to hear "No, No, No," and "Bills, Bills, Bills," performed by the original band members who helped to conceive them. Both those ladies deserve far more recognition than they currently get, and a 20th anniversary reunion could be the perfect opportunity to provide that.

So, hey, maybe just continue pinning more Destiny's Child reunion images to your vision board for the time being. And really focus on it, OK? We all deserve to see this happen in 2018.