Here's When More 'Fuller House' Episodes May Drop

Mike Yarish/Netflix

Major spoilers for all of Fuller House Season 3, Part 2 follow. With the announcement that Danny, Joey, Jesse, and Becky are all moving back to San Francisco, the finale for the second part of Fuller House Season 3 almost seemed like a series finale. Netflix hasn't announced if the reboot series is renewed yet or not, but considering the enduring nature of the Tanner and Fuller family, there's a good chance that Fuller House will return for a Season 4. Because even though the Season 3, Part 2 finale would work well as a series finale, there are still many stories to be told and group hugs to be doled out.

UPDATE: TV Line has announced that Fuller House has officially been renewed for Season 4.

EARLIER: During the Season 3 finale, Steve told D.J., "Six months from now — you and me, it's on like Donkey Kong." He was referring to how he's going to go to Los Angeles for six months as the foot specialist for the Los Angeles Lakers, but it could also be a clue about when Season 4 will premiere. The premiere dates for Fuller House have been all over the place, but each season has premiered within less than a year. So you could potentially expect Fuller House episodes by June 2018. But, even if that's not the case, the series set itself up for the family to continue to grow and be all together in the San Francisco Bay Area for Season 4, so here are some ideas of what could happen if Fuller House gets renewed for another season.

Kimmy Gives Birth To Stephanie & Jimmy's Baby (Or Babies?)

Kimmy revealed she is pregnant with her brother and Stephanie's baby, so Season 4 would be chock full of pregnancy gags courtesy of Kimmy. And since Jimmy and Steph had three viable embryos — and if all three were transferred to their surrogate Kimmy — there's a real chance that Kimmy could give birth to twins or triplets. Have mercy!

D.J. Visits Los Angeles

Steve the podiatrist is going to be in Los Angeles for six months, so if the show doesn't do a time jump, D.J. should visit Steve in L.A. Better yet, the two should take a trip to Disneyland in Anaheim, California, so they can recreate moments from when they were in Disney World in the original series. After all, there are more jokes to be made about the fact that Scott Weinger is the voice of Aladdin.

Danny Is Back In The House

Now that Danny is unemployed, he told D.J. and Stephanie that he's going to move back in. Although the house is pretty (ahem) full as it is, perhaps this will prompt Kimmy and Ramona to move into Fernando's home next door. That'd make a lot of sense since it's Kimmy's childhood home and Fernando is her ex-husband and current fiancé. Then Stephanie could complete her transformation into Uncle Jesse by taking the attic with Jimmy and her kid(s).

Jesse & Joey Renovate The Smash Club

To restore the Smash Club to its former glory, it's going to take a lot of work since the club is now a laundromat. But if anyone can do it, it's Jesse and Joey — with a lot of shenanigans along the way.

Becky's Talk Show Takes Off

Becky landed a gig on a woman's talk show called The Gab and it's most likely a reference to Candace Cameron Bure's time on The View — or at least referencing similar shows like The Chew and The Talk. But not only could Fuller House continue to parody this, but the Wake Up, San Francisco segments on the original show were always a fun change of pace — like when Becky and Jesse went bungee jumping on the show.

Joey's Children Terrorize The Fuller Kids

With Joey's wife (played by Laura Bell Bundy) in Las Vegas, Joey said he's going to move with his kids to San Fran. That means adding four more kids into the mix. Even for the Fuller-Tanner house, Joey's kids are too much, so Max better practice his eye rolls for Season 4.

Danny & Vicky Finally Get Married

Danny proposed to Vicky in Disney World during the original series, but after she got a job in New York, they ended their engagement. But with Vicky's return, Fuller House has set it up for these two to potentially get married again — or at least date again.

D.J. & Steve Finally Get To Be Together

Fuller House has put a lot of obstacles in the way of D.J. and Steve, but you'd think by the end of Season 4, the series would let this pair be happily together. And don't put it past the show to rush them into getting married. (Although, in their case, it wouldn't really be rushing.) There could be a triple — or even, quadruple! — wedding in Season 4 with D.J. and Steve, Danny and Vicky, Kimmy and Fernando, and Stephanie and Jimmy. You should always be prepared for Fuller House to go this corny.

Michelle Returns

Just kidding, you guys. The Olsen twins are really never going to show up, so you should let this idea go. And even Fuller House has seemed to accept this since there were hardly any Michelle references in Season 3, Part 2.

Even without Michelle's triumphant return in Season 4, everyone else in the cast is game for nostalgia. So Fuller House may go on for many more seasons now that Season 3 is complete — and the house will continue to get even more full.