'Good Trouble' Is Coming Back Just In Time For Summer

James Clark/Freeform

The Fosters held audiences rapt with its dramatizations of real-life issues, and its spinoff Good Trouble has passed on that torch of showing really, really good-looking people go through some really, really bad things. Callie and Mariana started green in downtown Los Angeles, and though they still don't know much about anything, they've learned a lot more than they ever thought. Luckily, Good Trouble Season 2 will continue the learning — and fans don't even have to wait that long in order to find it.

In honor (probably) of Good Trouble's Season 1 finale, Freeform announced that Good Trouble had indeed been picked up for Season 2. The better news is that Good Trouble Season 2 will premiere on June 18, 2019, meaning that fans of Callie, Mariana, and the rest of the gang at the Coterie only have to wait a little more than two months in order to get their fix — and possibly some answers as to what's really going to happen at Coterie.

Right now, we're worried about Dennis. We're hoping that Davia dumps her married boyfriend (at least, I am). We're waiting for Callie to choose between Jamie and Gael while navigating a major career setback, and Mariana is on the precipice of trying to change things at Speckulate.

There's so much to go through — here's what Season 2 of Good Trouble needs to address when it comes back in June.

Callie Navigating Men & Career

Gael? Or Jamie? Jamie? Or Gael? Or neither? Or both? Callie has to decide whether she wants to pursue the hot artist that makes her head all dizzy or the hot lawyer that makes my head all dizzy (hi, Jamie.) Both men are right for her in different ways, but they're very different men. Callie could also opt to date neither man exclusively, or perhaps no one at all — she has a big job to figure out in clerking for Judge Wilson, and Callie doesn't need the distraction.

Dennis' Fate & Davia's Reaction

The devastating penultimate episode of Good Trouble ended with Dennis' potential suicide and Davia, whom has grown to love Dennis, in a full-tilt panic. Whether Dennis lives or dies, Good Trouble should explore their relationship more — they definitely care for each other more than each lets on, and there could be something there. If anything, Davia needs to get rid of her married boyfriend. That dude is a scumbag.

Mariana Sacrificing Herself For The Greater Good

Mariana and her fellow female engineers at Speckulate are so close to revealing the pay disparities at the company, and as we all know, it may come at a price that's pretty high — Mariana could lose her job. Will she go forth, knowing that it will benefit the greater good and hurt her own chances? Or will she stay selfish and try to plug away from the inside? It's a hard decision either way.

Alice Figuring Out Her Relationship Baggage

Alice loves Sumi, and Sumi loves playing with Alice's heart, even though she's about to be married to another woman. For the sake of her future self, Alice needs to see that Sumi is bad for her. She may even need a therapist to help her come to terms with her feelings about coming out to her parents and the way she still lets Sumi affect her. Either way, Alice will never be happy if she lets Sumi have control, and the sooner she finds this out, the better.

Malika Having Some Fun

Malika has had a tough season — there's a huge police brutality trial she's involved in, issues with her mother, and some definitive trust issues with her new man, Isaac. Can we just let Malika enjoy something? Somewhere? Please? She's a wonderful character, and more development — a little more joy — would do her good.

Season 2 of Good Trouble will certainly be a bumpy ride — luckily, fans don't have to wait too long to buckle their seatbelts.