Why Jasper Fans Will Not Be Pleased With 'The Royals' Premiere


Spoilers for The Royals Season 4 premiere follow. Just as Eleanor comes back to the palace to presumably start anew with Jasper, the most devastating event occurs. Jasper gets shot on The Royals Season 4 premiere while serving as King Robert's bodyguard. Besides Jasper being one of the most beloved characters of the show, his shooting is particularly heartbreaking because of Eleanor's return — can't they ever just be happy? Then, there's the fact that this assassination attempt on Robert that hit Jasper seems extremely suspicious. But before fans can worry about who is responsible for Jasper getting shot, they need to make sure that Jasper won't die on The Royals. After all, he needs to be with Eleanor — the show can't rob us of that, right?

While Robert keeps Jasper busy during "How Prodigal the Soul" since Jasper now serves the king, the bodyguard still finds time in the episode to pine for Eleanor. The princess leaves the palace to travel with Sebastian for a few months — and to get some time away from Jasper. But she chooses to come back early after she reads the letters that Jasper has been writing her (and after she's assaulted on the street).

Jasper isn't home when she gets back to the palace because he's riding with Robert to a speaking engagement in South London. Robert confronts Jasper about the letters at this time, since the king had previously ordered the bodyguard to stay away from his sister. Yet, he seemingly forgives Jasper and has him stand by his side during his speech. As the crowd begins to grow restless, Jasper urges the king to leave. Instead, Robert chooses to take the stage once more and then a gunshot goes off, hitting Jasper.

Jasper appears to be dying as he lies on the stage alone bleeding from the shot. And just as he loses consciousness, Eleanor texts him, "I'm home and I can't wait to see you." The idea that Jasper could die without knowing that Eleanor had read his letters, forgiven him, and wants to see him again is almost too much for Loyals to handle. Plus, what would become of Eleanor who has just recently achieved such a healthy mindset and is seemingly ready to open up to Jasper again?

Yet, The Royals has given its own hand away through multiple Season 4 previews posted on E!'s YouTube channel. In these videos, Jasper appears to be in scenes that weren't featured in "How Prodigal the Soul." For example, in the below video, Jasper and Eleanor are in her bedroom arguing. So, it's extremely comforting to see a very-much-alive Jasper when Eleanor says, "You're so sexy when you're angry" before kissing him.

Armed with the knowledge that Jasper survives, you can also assume that Eleanor and Jasper are finally going to have some happiness in Season 4 as a couple. As Eleanor actor Alexandra Park told Bustle, the princess needed to find her purpose before she could give herself to anyone else. And it seems, based on the interview Eleanor gives in the premiere, that her months away from the palace allowed her time for self-reflection and personal growth.

Just because Eleanor and Jasper may be together in Season 4 doesn't mean their relationship won't be without drama though — especially since Jasper was just shot. Plus, it's not out of the question that Robert has something to do with the shooting. Robert has never approved of Eleanor's relationship with Jasper and he introduced Sebastian to her in Season 3 as a way to split them up. And Robert's response to Jasper saying he will quit if he's not allowed to speak to Eleanor right before the South London speech seems particularly ominous in hindsight. "Relax," Robert says. "Resignation not accepted. I need you by my side today. And besides, these things have a way of working themselves out."


Then, right before the gunshot goes off, Robert gave Jasper a little look and threw his fist triumphantly in the air. That fist in the air could very well have been a sign from the king for the shooter to shoot Jasper.

So while Robert may act as if he's nervous because there has been an attempt on his life, it's far more reasonable (at least in the land of The Royals) that the king is actually the one who is responsible. And although Eleanor may be distracted with an ailing Jasper in episodes to come, at least Liam suspects that their older brother is up to no good.