Keep Up With 'The Royals' While You Wait For S4


Brothers at odds, the princess and the bodyguard broken up again, and a new king about to be crowned. It's just a typical day in the life for the royals on the E! series The Royals. With the Season 3 finale airing on Feb. 19, fans of the show are already wondering about when Season 4 of The Royals will air. Creator Mark Schwahn will undoubtedly end Season 3 on a cliffhanger, so the wait for Season 4 is going to be a hard one. Yet, I have a few ideas on what Loyals can do to occupy time their time as they wait for Season 4 of The Royals to premiere.

Just a few days before the Season 3 finale, E! ended the intrigue of whether or not the show would even return for another season by announcing that The Royals was renewed for Season 4. In a statement to E! Online, the president of E!, Adam Stotsky, said:

"The third season of The Royals has proven to be an entertaining mix of secrets, deceit, and desire that our fans can't get enough of ... We are excited to see what new scandals await our royal family, and how their dynamic evolves in season four."

However, Stotsky predictably didn't reveal exactly when Season 4 of The Royals will come to TV.

For Season 3, the show was renewed during the halfway point of Season 2 and it wasn't announced that Season 3 would premiere on Dec. 4 until August. Since the renewal announcement came later for Season 4, that could also mean the premiere date announcement will occur later — and that even the premiere date will be pushed back.

If you ignore Season 1 since it was a bit of an anomaly (Seasons 1 and 2 premiered the same year — unheard of!), The Royals typically premieres in the winter. Based on how the schedules for Seasons 2 and 3 have gone down, my best guess is that The Royals Season 4 would premiere in late December 2017 or even (gasp!) January 2018.

Besides stalking Alexandra Park's and Tom Austen's Instagram accounts to see if Eleanor and Jasper are dating in real life (they're not, but their BFF pics will still make you swoon), here are some other things to do while you wait for The Royals Season 4.

See Austen In 'Bitter Harvest'

Perfectly timed to help Loyals recover from the Season 3 finale, Jasper — I mean, real human Tom Austen — is in a movie being released in theaters just a few days after the season finale. On Feb. 24, you can see Austen in a supporting role in the movie Bitter Harvest, a period drama about the Holodomor — a famine in the Ukraine in the 1930s that was created by the Soviet Union. If you're still in need of more Austen, watch the first two seasons of the British series, Grantchester, which airs on PBS in America.

Check Out Elizabeth Hurley's Swimwear

You're most certainly going to need to get through the summer before The Royals returns and Queen Helena actress, Elizabeth Hurley, has got you covered. She has her own swimwear company, Elizabeth Hurley Beach, that she showcases on her Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Go To The Movies For William Moseley

Speaking of the beach, Prince Liam actor, William Moseley, will be in theaters in a live-action retelling of The Little Mermaid. He portrays a reporter, who may have discovered an actual mermaid living in a southern town. A Little Mermaid, which also stars Shirley MacLaine and Gina Gershon, is scheduled to come out in 2017. If action is more your thing though, then you should also be able to see Moseley in The Veil come 2017 (although no official premiere date has been released) where he plays a fierce warrior, as the above video shows. If you'd rather stay at home, well then, dust off your old DVD copy of The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

Check Out Max Brown In 'The Good Night'

Even if you aren't a huge fan of the recently returned Robert, you can still support the actor who plays this royal — Max Brown. He's in the upcoming movie That Good Night, where he portrays the late John Hurt's son. Charles Dance from Game of Thrones also stars, so this film has an impressive cast and should be out in 2017.

Watch Genevieve Gaunt Reunite With An Old Costar

Warner Bros.

Another impressive-sounding movie from a Royals cast member is The Mercy starring Colin Firth and Rachel Weisz. The upcoming 2017 film is about the real-life story of Donald Crowhurst attempting to sail around the world and Willow from The Royals, Genevieve Gaunt, will portray Miss Teignmouth in it. (Crowhurst's boat was called the Teignmouth Electron.) An added bonus for fans of The Royals' social media expert is that Gaunt's old Harry Potter and Prisoner of Azkaban costar, David Thewlis, is also in The Mercy. HP reunion?! Yes, please.

Look Out For Park Taking On Host Duties

After she did a hilarious, innuendo-filled, unaired segment with Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb on TODAY back in 2015, Park got upgraded to co-host during the 9 a.m. hour of the show on Feb. 16 (the same day the Season 4 renewal was announced!). She rocked hosting duties alongside Al Roker and Sheinelle Jones, so could Park please host more talk show segments in the future? Just sayin' she was great on TODAY and has more than proved herself as a regular guest on The Royals post-show with Schwahn.

Hopefully, these other projects that The Royals cast have in store will help you get by as you wait to find out what your favorite fictional royal family will have in store for Season 4. If all else fails, their Instagram and Twitter accounts (ahem, particularly Park's and Austen's) always make for a great distraction.