Jasper Lost His Job On 'The Royals'

Whether or not Jasper and Eleanor will get back together remains a mystery, but it is certain that Jasper was fired on The Royals. The royal bodyguard was let go during the Feb. 12 episode, "O, Farewell, Honest Soldier," by James Hill, so, why did Jasper get fired on The Royals? Beyond his time as an employee at the palace being potentially finished, Eleanor also did not accept Jasper's apology. If you're a fan of Jaspenor (the Mark Schwahn-approved title for the couple), then you may be wondering what's next for Jasper now that he has been fired from security detail — and what that means for him and Eleanor.

After Jasper was blackmailed by the American reporter Harper about his relationship with Eleanor and his unsavory past, he stole a secret file about the new King Robert. He used this information to distract Harper from the story about him and Eleanor, but unfortunately, the intel that Brandon Boone shot down Robert's plane on Ted Pryce's orders was confidential, so there were legal consequences for Jasper to face. While Mr. Hill was under scrutiny as the head of palace security, Jasper took full responsibility for his actions. He almost had to face jail time, but Robert was a surprising hero by lying to police and saying that Jasper was working under his direct orders. However, while Jasper avoided jail time (thanks to Robert), that didn't save him his job.

Mr. Hill understandably fired Jasper for releasing confidential information, but he seemed more upset that Jasper didn't trust him enough to tell him what was happening. (Mr. Hill was particularly angry since if the law had held him responsible for Jasper's security breach, his daughter — Sarah Alice — would have ended up in an orphanage.) The theme is that Jasper has serious trust issues and that makes him disappoint others. By not telling Mr. Hill that he needed help and not telling Eleanor the truth, he lost his job and his love.

Speaking of Jasper's love, Eleanor will be leaving the palace as well since Sebastian offered the princess a job of helping rebrand his family's real estate. But what is even an episode of The Royals without Eleanor and Jasper in the palace? Of course, I'm proud of Eleanor for finding a new purpose, but these two are meant to be together. Perhaps while Eleanor is gone with Sebastian for six months, Jasper can also find the job he is meant to do (beyond giving Liam intel about Robert) ... and then woo back the princess. Until then, fans of The Royals will have to get used to the palace without Jasper and Eleanor together — because even though Robert did offer to hire Jasper back once he becomes king, Eleanor is staying away from the palace. Plus, Robert made it clear he doesn't want the bodyguard romantically entangled with his sister ever again.