Will Lady Gaga Tour The UK In 2019? Here's How You Can Be The First To Get Tickets

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Lady Gaga's debut album The Fame recently had its 10th birthday. That's a whole decade of Gaga releasing absolute bangers, all while challenging and changing pop culture. Although you might be celebrating with singalong sessions in your room, trust me, there's nothing like seeing and hearing the pop icon live. However, if, like me, you find the prospect of jetting out to the States to catch her Las Vegas residency a little out of your price range, then it might be worth waiting until she next performs in Britain. But will Lady Gaga tour the UK in 2019 or do we have a long AF wait on our hands?

Gaga was actually supposed to perform in the UK earlier this year, however, during her tour, she had to cancel several European dates in February, including shows in London and Manchester. According to a statement made by Live Nation, which was released on her Twitter account, this was because she was in "severe pain."

In case you didn't know, Gaga suffers from a chronic condition called fibromyalgia, which means that she experiences pain and tenderness in her muscles, all while having "severe fatigue, broken sleep, psychological distress and mental lethargy," reports the Guardian. Life as a touring musician is already arduous, but life as a touring musician with fibromyalgia must be unimaginably difficult. The fact that Gaga still does it and wants to do it for her and her monsters is just one of the many reasons that makes her so great.

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In my opinion, it makes her plan of a two year Las Vegas residency all the more impressive. "The rumours are true!" she said in a tweet last December, "I will have my own residency at MGM’s Park Theatre." So, it's all well and good for her fans in the States, but her stans over here still don't know when they'll get their next dose of a live Gaga performance.

Until those cancelled UK dates are rescheduled, you may have to just make do with her appearance in the Bradley Cooper directed A Star Is Born, which sees her playing a struggling musician called Ally. It comes to the UK on Oct. 5, reports the Guardian.

Some are convinced that Gaga may also have new material on the horizon too. The singer recently posed for a bizarre photoshoot alongside a stuffed octopus, and according to W Magazine, the photos may have been taken in anticipation of her sixth album, as writer Marissa G. Muller noticed that octopus tentacles were also a focal point of the opening video in her headlining set at Coachella in 2017. If she is about to drop some new music, there will undoubtedly be a tour to promote it, and if there is a tour, well, I reckon the UK will be the first on Gaga's list after she had to cancel her last performances here. I've reached out to her for confirmation, however, there is no comment as of yet — but watch this space.

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