Will Landon & Thomas Get Together On 'Southern Charm'? She Just Wants To Be Friends

Brianna Stello/Bravo

From the get go it was clear that the entire premise of this season's Southern Charm was going to hinge around Thomas and Landon's romantic (or not) future. The first episode teased fans with a heavy discussion between the two of them, which cut off right at the good part and flashed "three months earlier" on the screen. So, the finale will probably give us the answers that we seek, but, until then, fans are left to wonder whether these two will finally just start dating, make out, or just stay friends. So, will Landon and Thomas get together on Southern Charm?

Well, bad news for you Landon and Thomas 'shippers because it doesn't look like these two are officially together at the moment. Landon recently spoke to Bustle about the possibility of a budding relationship between her and T-Rav, and she refuted any claims that they are an item. She even stated that she wanted to be sure not to lead him on because she values him as a friend.

Last week we saw Thomas finally work up the courage to ask Landon out on a date, only to have his plan of a night together thwarted by her sister inviting her to a Phish concert. Yes, that really happened. Instead, he settled for a lunch date, where the two of them bonded over the fact that they are both incredibly obnoxious when they order a drink and that they both want to be with someone who is their "companion." Basically, it seemed like they were dancing around their feelings for each other. Of course, according to Landon, that just isn't the case. "I know he quite fancies me and I just really love him as a friend," she told Bustle.

So, I know Landon says they are just friends but I am still holding out hope for what I think would be a great pair. Just date, you guys. Just do it.