Liam & Kathryn Aren't Finished On 'The Royals'


Robert officially came back to the palace during the Jan. 1 episode of The Royals and with his return meant some major losses for Liam. Not only will he not become king, but Liam broke up with Kathryn on The Royals too. With his allegedly dead brother turning up alive, it was the noble move to end things with the woman who had dated Robert before he had gone missing. Yet, it was clear that both Liam and Kathryn still had feelings for one another. So will Liam and Kathryn get back together? The preview for the next episode hinted that not everything is finished between these two.

When Robert showed up at the palace, Helena and Eleanor were there to be shocked by his arrival, but Liam was actually at Kathryn's apartment spending the night. Jasper came to escort Liam back to the palace and needless to say, he was surprised to find his older brother alive. While he was of course happy to know his brother wasn't dead, his feelings were complicated because right when he thought he would be king, he found out that he is still the spare again. However, what seemed to bother Liam even more than losing the crown — at least in the episode "Our (Late) Dear Brother's Death" — was the fact that Robert being alive meant his relationship with Kathryn couldn't continue.

Robert took Liam to visit Kathryn's father's pub and she seemed to share those same conflicted feelings that Liam had — happy-shocked to see Robert alive, but more concerned about her relationship with Liam. Later, Liam and Kathryn agreed it was the right thing to stop their whirlwind romance, but just because they knew it was what they should do, didn't mean it was what they wanted to do, as indicated by their passionate farewell kiss.


The preview for the Jan. 8 episode showed that Liam isn't finished with Kathryn as he was seen telling her how much he cares for her still. But Liam isn't the only royal brother interested in her since Robert was also shown pursuing her. Considering that Kathryn was the reason Robert decided to be rescued after hiding on the deserted island, he clearly loves her — even if he did tell her he doesn't expect anything from her during the Jan. 1 episode.

Yet, if I had to put money on one of these brothers, I think Kathryn would choose Liam if she could just follow her heart. The problem for Kathryn and Liam 'shippers (and the reason she's already a likable character) is that she seems like a decent woman who doesn't want to betray the boyfriend she had thought was dead. That means Kathryn could even start dating Robert again. Still, with Liam always getting second place to Robert, doesn't he deserve to find happiness with Kathryn? Especially since that's the brother she seems to care for more?

So, while I can't say that Liam and Kathryn will be boyfriend and girlfriend anytime soon, I can say with confidence that Liam and Kathryn are far from over. Their reunion is fairly guaranteed not just because of their strong feelings for one another, but because a rift between the two royal brothers over Kathryn is exactly what The Royals has been setting up fans for. So expect a hookup between Liam and Kathryn sometime soon — followed by a battle between brothers.