Will Melissa McCarthy Still Play Sean Spicer? The Press Secretary's Resignation Might Affect 'Saturday Night Live'

Will Heath/NBC

With the announcement that he had resigned from his post, many began to wonder if Melissa McCarthy will still play Sean Spicer on Saturday Night Live. There's been no official word, but, without Spicer in the public eye, it's unlikely that there would be much for the comedian to do. And that is a real shame. Because while McCarthy has always been brilliant, she's found particular success of late playing the Press Secretary on Saturday Night Live. Or, rather, the former Press Secretary; Spicer officially announced his resignation on Friday after six months in the President's service.

It raises a lot of questions in both the world of politics and the world of entertainment, but many fans are focused on the latter. SNL will return for Season 43 this fall, and viewers had taken it for granted that they'd get new glimpses of "Spicey," in a few short months. Whether she was hurling objects at the press or zooming down a Manhattan street on his podium, McCarthy as Spicer never disappointed. In every episode that featured her, the 46-year-old was committed, engaging, and hilarious as the Press Secretary, so the prospect of losing her is a tough one.

But there's no need to completely give up hope. First of all, the sketch series will almost certainly bring McCarthy back to parody Spicer's resignation, at the very least. And although there likely won't be enough material to bring Spicey back as much as fans would like, he's also become a beloved, reliable character in a short amount of time. It would be surprising if he completely disappeared from SNL.