Will Netflix Save 'Girl Meets World'? Fans Are Petitioning After The Show's Cancellation

2017 was already looking up — until news of Girl Meets World's cancellation made its way on to the internet, that is. Sadly, the Disney Channel has canceled the Boy Meets World spin-off after only three seasons, meaning that Riley Matthews' story has been cut far too short. The original series ran for seven seasons between 1993 and 1999. With the creation of Girl Meets World, fans got the joy of watching Cory and Topanga raise a family, as well as meet a whole new generation interacting with the most lovable characters of all time. So is this really the end for the show, or will Netflix save Girl Meets World? Fans are certainly hopeful.

Whenever a beloved TV series is canceled, fans often turn to streaming services or other networks in the hope of reviving it. Netflix is an obvious choice for Girl Meets World as the series would provide a perfect marathon watching opportunity for viewers. It would also fit nicely alongside shows like Fuller House and Gilmore Girls, which Netflix rebooted with great success. Is it possible that Netflix could save Girl Meets World? There's already some major proof that fans of Girl Meets World aren't going without a fight.

A Change.org petition has been garnering plenty of signatures from fans the world over, asking another network to save Girl Meets World. The savvy petition starter writes, "We feel the show could have huge success on another station just like The Mindy Project on Hulu, Community on Yahoo, and Fuller House on Netflix." As the petition mentions some great examples of shows that got picked up by streaming services with amazing success, how likely is it that the Boy Meets World spin-off could be revived?

Following news of the show's cancellation, Forbes wrote,

This isn't exactly a surprise as the show's audience shrank from 2.74 million average viewers in its first season to 1.74 million in its third. However, it does suggest that the industry's current obsession with revivals, sequels and spinoffs are not immune to poor ratings.

However, this doesn't take into account the trend for online viewing, marathon watching on streaming services, and box set buying. As a nostalgic show, with its roots in the '90s, Girl Meets World appeals to an incredibly broad demographic, with the potential to reach an even wider audience on the right network. Perhaps Girl Meets World would even benefit from being on a streaming service with a wider reach?

For now, tweeting and petitioning the need for a Season 4 of Girl Meets World could go a long way to getting the show picked up by another network. One savvy fan suggested contacting Netflix customer service to pass along requests that they pick up the Boy Meets World spin-off for future seasons. Whatever you do, Girl Meets World fans, don't give up hope. Netflix have made dreams come true before, and they could again.