This 'Game Of Thrones' BTS Photo May Reveal A Major Spoiler

Few things were more shocking in Game of Thrones Season 6 than seeing Melisandre show her true form. The Red Woman is ancient, but so far no one has seen past her glamour. If star Carice van Houten's old Melisandre photo she shared on Twitter turns out to be new, then the true identity of the priestess might finally be revealed in Season 7. Will old Melisandre really appear in Game of Thrones' upcoming season, though?

Sadly, van Houten did not confirm if the photo was from the most recent season, or was simply a throwback photo to her time in the makeup chair for the Season 6 premiere. Even if it's not a new photo though, Melisandre is sure to play a significant role in Season 7, and it is only a matter of time before her true nature is revealed.

After being banished from the North by Jon Snow, the Red Woman has nothing but her faith in R'hllor to cling to, but that faith appears to have sustained her for hundreds, maybe even thousands, of years. With that in mind, fans should be wondering where Melisandre is heading and what would make her reveal herself.

She only took off her red choker in the privacy of her room because she felt defeated. If she plans to shed the illusion of youth again, it will either be because she wants to prove a point, or because she has no other choice.

If Melisandre continues riding South, she is bound to meet up with what is left of the Brotherhood Without Banners again. Not only would she reunite with Thoros and Beric, she would also meet the Hound. Furthermore, the Red Woman would be on course to fulfilling the prophecy she told Arya — that they would meet again.

Arya is in the Riverlands as well, and it would be disappointing if she didn't reunite with both the Hound and Melisandre before making her way to Winterfell. Given the fear in Melisandre's eyes upon her first meeting with the youngest Stark daughter, there is an excellent chance Arya will be the one to reveal the Red Woman.

Remember, Arya is committed to crossing names off her list, and the Red Woman is on Arya's list. If their paths cross again, Arya may have a chance to introduce the woman who bought Gendry to the god of death. However, if her self-preservation instincts kick in, Melisandre would be wise to not only show Arya the full extent of her power, but to reveal she raised Jon Snow from the dead.

Melisandre is in a precarious situation. She wants to be by Jon's side, but Davos is never going to forgive her for killing Shireen. Arya could become Melisandre's ally, if she can gain her trust — and gaining Arya's trust is no easy thing, especially when you robbed her of her last friend in the world.

If van Houten's photo proves to be a teaser for Season 7, expect Melisandre to find herself in a position where the best way to protect her interests is to let down her guard. Even the Red Woman must be humbled given the dark days ahead. As a servant of R'hllor, you can bet Melisandre will do anything to return to the man she resurrected, even if it means divulging her darkest secret.