'PLL' Will Bring Uber A To Your Streaming Services

Eric McCandless/Freeform

Nothing good can stay and all that, and the final half-season of Pretty Little Liars is soon to come to an end. Le sigh. It seems like only yesterday that Alison DiLaurentis went missing and Hanna was “Fat Hanna” and Spencer was making out with all of her sister’s boyfriends. Time really flies, you know? In any case, the final episodes of Pretty Little Liars are going to be must-see, required viewing for even the most casual of fans. When will Pretty Little Liars Season 7 be on Hulu? Streamers need to get ready for the series finale, too!

Just in case you’ve forgotten about the Season 7A finale, here’s the gist — Spencer may be Mary Drake’s daughter and therefore directly related to Charlotte DiLaurentis (yikes). Hanna kidnapped Noel, and then he escaped, but then he got beheaded (which was awesome). Aria watched Ezra go to Colombia to see if his allegedly captured ex-girlfriend, Nicole, was still alive, and then Aria saw them kissing on television. This tells me that Nicole has probably been glamping for a year and wasn’t actually captured by rebels. Alison is pregnant with Archer Dunhill’s baby, even though I’m pretty sure the timing doesn’t work on that. Last but not least, Emily. She has the cushiest spot of the rest of the Liars right now — Paige, her ex, has returned to Rosewood and wants to get back with her. It’s only threatening if you are in the camp that remembers that Paige tried to drown Emily when they were on the swim team together. I always get a ton of hate when I mention that, but it’s not something I can just forget, people.

Anyway, if you don’t have cable, you have some options to stream Pretty Little Liars Season 7. It returns to Freeform on April 18, 2017, at 8pm EDT, and if you’re television-less, you can scam a cable login from a friend who has one and watch on the Freeform website or in the Freeform app when it’s airing where you live. It’s the closest thing you’ll have to a live viewing experience.

If a cable login is not an option, let’s move on. If you want to, you know, buy things, you could opt to purchase each episode of the show on iTunes or Amazon, and each episode is usually available the morning after it airs on television. The prices are about $2 an episode, depending on whether or not you’re into high-definition or not. You can also buy a season pass. Netflix won’t have the series available until it has aired in its entirety, but if you wait until then to watch Pretty Little Liars Season 7, you’ll probably be ostracized by all of your friends and be forced to become a loner. Don’t do it like that (use that for repeated viewings). A membership to Hulu Plus is a better option, as episodes of Pretty Little Liars have commonly become available there the day after airing on television. Memberships range from about $8 to about $12 a month, with different levels of commercial viewing (I like commercials so I can get snacks without missing anything good).

While I think that this Season 7B of Pretty Little Liars will be best enjoyed with friends and wine and a big ol’ television, there is really no wrong way to watch the Liars figure out who Uber A is. The plus side to watching in a group is that it’s easier to riot when Uber A is not revealed at the end of the series! (I kid.) Streaming or cable, this is appointment television, people, so get there and be ready on April 18 for the last episodes of Pretty Little Liars.