11 Theories Inspired By 'PLL' Season 7A

by Kaitlin Reilly

Any Pretty Little Liars fan would expect the Season 7A finale to drop a ton of truth bombs, but hardly any could have predicted the finale to be the level of jaw-dropping that it was. We're talking a finale that revealed Spencer's true parentage (think she'll go by Spencer Drake now that she learned that Mary is her biological mother?), finally put Jenna's vendetta against the Liars into action, and severed Noel's head. (RIP, but not really.) It's only fitting for the show to go all-out: PLL's summer finale "The DArkest Knight" is the second-to-last finale that the show will ever do. At this point, PLL is a train speeding towards its epic series finale, but there are still so many directions that Pretty Little Liars could go. Fortunately, there are a ton of theories after the PLL Season 7A finale that may predict which way the show will go.

Pretty Little Liars fan theories have existed since the Liars got that very first A text, but with the stakes higher than ever, there are so many questions we need to answer — and not just about A.D.'s true identity. Here are 11 theories that could predict the future 10 episodes of the series, and help answer some of our burning questions.

1. An Emison Baby Is On Its Way

This theory has been floating around the internet since Alison revealed she was pregnant in the Season 7A finale. In Season 6B, Emily decides to donate her eggs, only for Uber A to thwart her plans and steal them from the donation center. The WTF storyline was seemingly dropped in Season 7 — or was it? Bustle's Kelly Schremph is one of the speculators who thinks that Alison's pregnancy is the result of A.D. implanting Emily's eggs inside her while she was trapped in the mental institution. The real question here is: Why the heck would A.D. do that?! And what would it mean for Emison?

2. Mona Is A.D.

Just what side is Mona playing on? She's flipped back and forth so much it's hard to keep track. Though she seems to be on Team Liar now, her behavior in the Season 7A finale — not keeping a close enough eye on Noel, knowing all of the Liars secrets, conveniently removing herself from the death trap — gives credence to the theory that maybe Mona loved the A game too much to let it go forever.

3. Spencer Has A Twin

There are a surprising number of reasons to suspect that Spencer has a double out there, but the Season 7A finale, in which Mary revealed that she was Spencer's mother, suggested that maybe A.D. is actually Mary's third child — and Spencer's identical twin.

4. Toby Saves Spencer After His Own Death

At the end of the "The DArkest Knight," two beloved characters — and a former couple — are in serious trouble. Toby is shown passed out in his car following a car crash, while Spencer is bleeding out from a gunshot wound. The timing is seriously strange, which is why it's fair to wonder if only one half of Spoby will survive the night. If that's the case, could Toby donate an organ to save Spencer, à la My Sister's Keeper? Reddit user prettylittleangry thinks so, and though the theory is super sad, it makes a ton of sense.

5. Garrett Knew About Spencer

Reddit user CeCeIsNotCharles has a theory about the real reason that Garrett was killed — and according to this theory, it didn't have anything to do with learning that Detective Wilden was a dirty cop. (I mean, who didn't know that?) Instead, Garrett theoretically could have been killed because he had learned Mary was Spencer's biological mother. Watch the scene above, and put into context what we learned from Season 7A. Garrett's line "Someone you know well has you completely fooled. People lie, but medical records don't" could have referred to Veronica lying to Spencer about her parentage — and explain why she decided to defend Garrett for Maya's murder.

6. Pastor Ted Is Charlotte's Father

Pastor Ted is returning in Season 7B, but could it be more than a love interest for Mama Marin? Reddit user acftw2 suggests the reason could be way twisted: Pastor Ted could be revealed to be Charlotte's father, which selene623 points out could be the reason Charlotte went so hard on Hanna when Ashley was dating Ted. We are supposed to learn the identity of Charlotte's father in Season 7B, and Ted is definitely a potential candidate.

7. Ezra Will Marry Nicole

As devastating as it was for Aria to see Ezra and Nicole's heartfelt reunion, Ezra was likely thrilled that the woman he mourned for years returned to him safe and sound. Aria and Ezra may be engaged, but if Nicole returns, there's a possibility that Aria would choose to take a step back in order to let Ezra have his happy ending with the woman he first started writing his book for. Don't cry for Aria: I hear Jason is still available...

8. Spencer And Toby's "Kiss" Wasn't What It Seemed

Reddit user ThirdFavoriteWord pointed out that Spencer's outfit was different when she went to meet Toby for their "goodbye kiss" in the Season 7 finale — and suggested that, perhaps, the person really kissing Toby was someone in a Spencer mask, looking to stir up trouble.

9. Mary Was The One Who Visited Hanna

The lullaby that Mary sings Spencer in the Season 7A finale is the same one that "dream Spencer" sings to Hanna when she visits her in A.D.'s dungeon. Could Mary have worn a Spencer mask to comfort Hanna?!

10. Mary's Third Child Is A.D.

Now that we know that Spencer is (probably) Mary's child, what does it mean for the potential A.D.? One theory is that Mary didn't have two children, she had three. Mary having a third child means that A.D. could be almost anyone, considering we already know that the second child who was shown to be the Liars' age in Mary's medical file is Spencer.

11. Mary Was The Hastings Surrogate

Could Pretty Little Liars borrow from Sara Shepard's book series? It's totally possible. In the books, Spencer believes she's adopted, and goes on a quest to find her birth mother — only to learn that, biologically, she is her parents' child, and that they used a surrogate because her mother couldn't carry the baby. Now that Mary claims to be Spencer's mother, could the truth come out that Mary isn't technically Spencer's mom? Reddit user scarletregina thinks so, and showrunner I. Marlene King has already stated that the Mary-is-Spencer's-mother storyline was ripped from the books. How closely, we'll have to wait until Season 7B to find out.

There are so many amazing PLL theories out there, and though they won't all come true, speculation is half the fun of this series.

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