A Big Move Is Coming For Rebecca & Miguel On 'This Is Us'

Ron Batzdorff/NBC

From flash forward timelines to the reveal of Jack's death, This Is Us has delivered some shocking plot twists throughout these past few seasons. However, last week's episode, titled "The Waiting Room" threw a small but significant surprise our way when it was revealed that Rebecca and Miguel are thinking about moving across the country to Los Angeles in order to be close to Kate the baby. But will Rebecca and Miguel really move on This Is Us or does this plan never really end up coming to fruition? They seemed pretty set on the idea and even used it to explain why they wouldn't be able to help watch over Randall and Beth's kids.

So this definitely feels like more than just a pipe dream, and according to executive producer Isaac Aptaker, these two have every intention on making it a reality. "Yeah, we’re excited about it. They’re planning on it," Aptaker confirmed during a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, regarding Rebecca and Miguel's moving plans. "Rebecca was so there for Randall during the early days of his family and raising his daughters when they were super-young. And it feels like they’re at an age when it might be nicer to be on a warmer coast, not to deal with those brutal East Coast winters. So we’re really excited about telling a fun new chapter for them."

It's hard to argue with the logic behind that reasoning, but for Aptaker, it's also symbolic of how much stronger Kate and Rebecca's relationship has become these days. "I think it speaks to how far Rebecca and Kate have come in their relationship. That this would be something that’s even on the table for them," he said during the same EW interview. "Based on where they were, even just a year ago as a mother and daughter, I don’t think it’s something that Rebecca would have even considered."

However, that doesn't mean this transition will be an easy accomplishment for anyone involved. Rebecca will struggle with leaving the area that gave her so many wonderful memories with Jack and Randall will have to come to terms to being so far away from his mom as well. "[Rebecca] and Randall have this very, very deep connection," Aptaker added. "So what that means for him, as it really sets in, that reality of it, not having his mom right there, is a pretty big deal."

For the time being, though, the Pearson family has a lot of other things to deal with before facing the challenges that a big move could bring. Kate and Toby's son is still in critical condition at the hospital, so a lot of the focus will remain on them for good reason.

But when the time comes, it appears as though this move to Los Angeles is definitely going to happen. And while it will be difficult obstacle to overcome in some aspects, there should be little doubt in fans' minds that the Pearson clan will come out of this whole thing stronger than ever.