This Is What The 'Summer House' Cast Was Up To On Memorial Day Weekend

Mark Sagliocco/Bravo

Bravo's Summer House has endured three long summers of late nights, rose-soaked pool parties, and some epic Fourth of July parties. Sadly, Season 3 is already coming to an end — it feels like just yesterday Paige and Carl first snuck into the pantry — and it's alright if you're already starting to miss the crew. Luckily, it's likely that Summer House will return for Season 4, since the franchise is already well embedded into the Bravo-verse. But that doesn't mean it will look the same as always.

Bravo hasn't made any official announcements as to whether or not Summer House is being renewed for Season 4, so now, at the end of Season 3, fans are left to speculate the return of their favorite show. If it is returning, the cast would already be filming, since each season has picked up around Memorial Day and then ended around Labor Day (obviously — it's a summer house, after all). The cast has been through a lot of shakeups since the show first premiered with a backdoor pilot on Vanderpump Rules. They lost the Wirkus twins, for example, but gained Paige, Hannah, and Jordan this summer — all of whom proved to be worthy additions to the (sometimes tear-soaked) party. Still, there are some staples, like Kyle and Lindsay, who are guaranteed to return if the show is a go.

Since it's past the unofficial start of summer, taking a deep dive into the cast Instagrams is the best way to try and figure out if they're already filming. Although they might be hiding any spoilers from eagle-eyed fans.

Amanda Batula

Kyle and Amanda got engaged after filming ended on Summer House Season 3and her most recent pic on Instagram features her and her fiancé at a beachy bar — no name or geotag, but this is a maybe if she's filming in the Hamptons.

Kyle Cooke

Kyle recently posted a picture of him and a friend in Montauk, but the friend wasn't in the Summer House cast — it was just a guy from college. Kyle might be filming, but it seems weird to be so far away from the house when you're supposed to be "working."

Carl Radke

At first glance, Carl's swim photo with a bunch of other bros seems like a beachy scene, but the geotag puts him in California. Was Carl in New York for Memorial Day? It doesn't seem like it. That might not bode well for Summer House Season 4 filming.

Hannah Berner

Hannah snapped a pic on the Shelter Island Ferry, but this one doesn't count, because she mentioned on Summer House that she's been summering with her family on Shelter Island for years. She could have just been going to or from the family house, so fans don't know if she's filming or not.

Danielle Olivera

A bathing suit? Check. An Aperol spritz? Check. A seaside vista? Yep! OK, it seems like Danielle could have been ready for Summer House Season 4.

Lindsay Hubbard

Lindsay was definitely in the Hamptons for Memorial Day Weekend, but she was with a woman named Beth and not with her Summer House crew — unless, of course, Beth is a new cast member. Who knows?

Jordan Verroi

Jordan was probably in NYC for Memorial Day Weekend, and judging by the way the other cast members look at him in Season 3, he wasn't making it back to Season 4 to begin with. It's OK, Jordan — you don't need that business.

Paige DeSorbo

Paige seems like she was living her best life in London over Memorial Day Weekend, unless she decided to post a latergram from a previous vacation to throw fans off the scent. Spoilers can ruin a good season of any show.

Judging by their respective Instagrams, no one seems to be talking about a Summer House Season 4 at the moment. That being said, one can make it look like they're doing anything on Instagram. Hopefully they're all floating in the pool and starting up the shot machine right this very minute — there's way too much unfinished business left to play out among the cast.