The Golden Globes Must Pay Tribute To These Actors

by Allie Gemmill
Ethan Miller/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

With awards season quickly approaching, announcements are being made about what to expect from the upcoming ceremonies. Among the many hosting, nominee, and presenter announcements being made, will there be an announcement about a Golden Globes Carrie Fisher & Debbie Reynolds tribute? It would seem appropriate, considering that they are two of the most recent celebrities we lost in 2016 that were among the most heart-wrenching. Additionally, the Golden Globes are the first of the major awards ceremonies to air in 2017, so the show has a chance to set the pace on who will get the memorial treatment.

While it's certainly not an achievement of any kind, it is hard to ignore that as a famous mother-daughter duo, who died within literal hours of one another, Reynolds and Fisher have earned a fond farewell from us. Their passing has been deeply felt among fans and celebrities alike; they deserve to be memorialized at the Golden Globes. There is no word on whether the 2017 Golden Globes will have an In Memoriam segment, but this necessary tribute cannot be overlooked.

Reynolds and Fisher's respective bodies of work and contributions to the fields of mental health, the LGBT community, and the creation of film itself are so monumental that to not mention them, even in the opening monologue, would be a major snub. Furthermore, Reynolds is a 5-time Golden Globe nominee, which should merit at least a mention during the 2017 show. How can we not remember the important contributions of two modern icons?

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

We, the general public, have been processing the grief and absence of Reynolds and Fisher for a little while now. As days goes by and we learn new information about the lives of these great women, it's only natural to feel inclined to truly memorialize them in a fashion that feels equivalent to their stature. Reynolds and Fisher definitely deserve a Golden Globes farewell.