The NYC Kylie Pop-Up Shop Will Have LE Collections

In case you haven't already heard, a Kylie Pop-Up Shop is coming to New York. Similarly to the temporary West Coast store, there will be everything from Kylie Shop merch to Lip Kits up for grabs. This will be the star's second in-store location, and she's not holding anything back. If you're wondering is the Valentine's Day Collection will be at the Kylie Pop-Up Shop, I have some good news. Multiple limited edition sets will up for grabs, so you'll want to make sure to hit the store.

When the Kylie Cosmetics Valentine's Day Collection launched, the Bundle sold out in just minutes. Although there are still a few items up for grabs, it looks like this entire collection will be sold out very soon. Unfortunately, it's not for sure whether the of not the Valentine's Day Collection will be restocked either, according to Kylie Cosmetic's Instagram post.

Thankfully, you'll have another chance to snag all the limited-edition items. The entire set will be available at the New York Kylie Pop Up Shop, according to the brand. That includes everything from the Diary to the exclusive Lip Kit shades. The shop will open on Monday, Feb. 13 and is located at 27 Mercer St. in New York City. It will only be open while supplies last though, so you'll want to go sooner rather than later.

This won't be the only limited edition Kylie Cosmetics Collection sold at the pop-up shop either. The Birthday and Holiday Collection will be up for grabs too. It's the only place that you'll be able to get your hands on the sets, as they won't be restocked on the company's website. The iconic Kylie Lip Kit wall will also be at the in-store location again.

Of course, makeup isn't the only thing you can shop at the pop-up store. The entire new line of Kylie Shop merch will also be there. It's not for sure if the first round of apparel will be available, but all the clothing items that she has been teasing on Instagram will be there.

Mark your calendars, people! This is the best chance you have for getting all of those items that you missed on the Kylie Cosmetics website.