A Major Original 'Full House' Character Finally Appeared On 'Fuller House'

Mike Yarish/Netflix

Major spoilers ahead for all of Fuller House Season 3, Part 2. If you were going through Fuller House Season 3, Part 2 disappointed that there weren't more cast members from the original Full House showing up, the Netflix show proved it was saving one of the best reappearances for last. During the Season 3, Part 2 finale, Vicky returns to Fuller House. D.J. and Stephanie surprise a dejected Danny with his ex-fiancée, who has popped back into his living room. The old couple reunites on the Tanner family couch and it is like nothing has changed — except for a couple of decades. And because of her return, it seems reasonable to think that Danny and Vicky will get back together in Season 4 nearly 25 years after they broke up.

UPDATE: TV Line has announced that Fuller House has officially been renewed for Season 4.

EARLIER: Fuller House is all about keeping it in the original Full House family and living in the past. That's why, even though new characters have been introduced, the show favors sticking with the old — which helps explain how Stephanie has ended up with a Gibbler who didn't even appear in the original series and why D.J. and Steve are back together. And just like his children, it seems Danny will meet the same, familiar fate if Fuller House returns for Season 4. That's not such a bad thing since Vicky has always been able to banter with Danny, as she does in her appearance on Fuller House. Then, she even slips effortlessly back into the family dynamic when she attends the '80s-themed party at the Smash Club.


Vicky first came onto the scene back in Season 5 of Full House. While Becky was on maternity leave with the twins, Vicky temporarily filled in for her as Danny's cohost on Wake Up, San Francisco. They had a slightly antagonistic relationship, but that was just the beginning of their romance and the two began dating shortly after she was introduced to the show.

But when Becky returned to work, Vicky took a job in Chicago and they started a long-distance relationship. Danny and Vicky managed to stay together and Danny proposed to Vicky at Disney World in Season 6. Besides Aunt Becky and Steve, Vicky was the most important significant other on Full House and Danny and her even had a song — "Love Will Keep Us Together." But after a six-month engagement, they decided to call it off in Season 7 when Vicky got hired to be a news anchor in New York.


What Vicky has been up to since she left for New York — and how she ended up back in San Francisco — isn't revealed during her brief appearance on Fuller House. But the reason for her return is most likely for her to start dating Danny again since, as Danny says, he's divorced. And if you had forgotten that little tidbit, don't feel bad. Danny's second wife Teri only appeared once in Fuller House — something D.J. joked about in the first part of Season 3.

During the series premiere, viewers met Teri Tanner, who was played by Eva LaRue of All My Children and CSI: Miami, right before she moved to Los Angeles with Danny. Then in the Season 2 Thanksgiving episode, D.J. explained Teri's absence with a throwaway line that Teri was spending the holiday with her family. And by the time the Season 3, Part 1 episode, "Declarations of Independence," rolled around, their marriage was through since Danny admitted that he and Teri had divorced. Danny said that he and Teri turned out not to be compatible. But that's pretty shocking since in her first and only appearance, Teri told Danny that she loved when he talked "clean" to her, so it seemed like Danny had found an amazing match.


Yet, if Teri was going to be replaced by anyone, it had to be Vicky. Teri simply doesn't hold the nostalgia factor that Vicky does and as a fan-favorite, no one is going to be upset that Vicky's back into the mix. After all, Vicky is apparently even better than the Beach Boys. So as long as there is another season of Fuller House, you should probably expect to see more Vicky. And unlike in the original series, perhaps love will keep them together this time around.