Yoga Poses That Will Help You Cool Down And Beat The Summer Heat


Summer can be pretty awesome. The pool parties, the road trips, the longer days... it is basically a dream. But when the temperatures are so high they can reach the sun, it is tempting to camp out in front of an air conditioner. Instead, why not try yoga poses to cool down in the summer heat? It will release tension and reduce stress, two things that can increase body heat. No, thank you.

Even an easy breezy sequence can do the trick. No crazy headstands or human pretzels needed here. After all, these relaxing yoga poses will not put your muscles to work, but stretch them out instead. The goal is to loosen up your body, de-compress, and slow things down.

Whatever you do, do not forget to breathe. Properly inhaling and exhaling is crucial to boosting circulation, which will help cool things down. It is the best way to get the most out of these moves. Plus, as with any physical activity, it is important to stay hydrated during summer with tons of water to ensure you don't get dehydrated. If you hate drinking water, try adding flavor with fruits, cucumber, or herbs. Keep a bottle by your yoga mat as you do your thing. Soon enough, the summer heat will not seem so bad after all.


Butterfly Pose

The butterfly pose is an easy way to wake up tight and tense hips. For a deeper stretch, add a forward bend. Reach as far as possible — even if it's a few inches — until you feel your hips stretch.


Camel Pose

If you sit at a computer all day, you'll adore the camel pose. This one will make your back and shoulders feel ah-mazing. Most importantly, it cools you down by giving your respiratory and circulatory systems a boost.


Cobra Pose

On that note, the cobra pose is also excellent for your back and shoulders. The act of "opening" up your chest will release body heat and help you cool down.


Neck Rolls

While this technically isn't a pose, mindfully rolling your neck is perfect for stress. You will feel calm and relaxed within just a few minutes. Try it in bed, at your desk, or by the pool.


Half Spinal Twist Pose

I think we can all agree that spinal twists feel amazing. Plus, most of us carry tension in the lower back. By getting rid of that strain, you can let your body cool down.


Reclined Twist

The reclined twist might look simple, but its benefits are noteworthy. Like a spinal twist, your back will be in for a real treat. Feel free to relax in this pose for as long as you'd like. Breathe deeply and let your body chill out.


Forward Fold

Does the heat make you dizzy and nauseous? Do a forward fold and take deep breaths. This move can be done standing up or sitting down, depending on what feels most comfortable.


Happy Baby Pose

While it might seem silly, it feels pretty darn good. To push the stretch even deeper, gently pull your hands outward.


Corpse Pose

At first glance, the corpse pose doesn't seem like much. However, it's all about taking advantage of stillness. The goal is to let yourself sink into the Earth and relax every single part of your body.