You Can Get An Oreo Milkshake Set Full Of Cookies At Walmart Now

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The Oreo Milkshake Set is back at Walmart for 2019.
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There are very few combinations on this planet as decadent as Oreos and ice cream, which is why most of my life philosophies begin and end with the Oreo McFlurry. Now, though, you can be the master of your own fate, because it appears that the Oreo Milkshake Set is back at Walmart for the holidays. A moment ago you were but a mere cookie-eating mortal; now you have the power of the gods, or at the very least Ronald McDonald, in your hands.

The set, which was recently spotted on Walmart shelves by food Instagram account @junkfoodonthego, is available both in Walmart stores and online. It comes complete with two ceramic cups, and ice cream scoop, two straws, and four Oreo cookies, which to me just screams dessert-based romance. It comes with instructions for how to make the shakes, but it does not, regrettably, come with ice cream or milk. That said, this may be a boon — it recommends using vanilla, but this could be your chance for your culinary talents to shine. Considering Walmart also has a Peppermint Ice Cream stuffed with candy cane bits, this could be the moment you invent the Peppermint Bark Oreo Milkshake of which most people can only dream.

If you, like me, self-identify as "Cookie Monster," then you might want to add yet another cookie innovation to your Walmart cart this year. After the previous success of the Oreo Milkshake Set, Walmart also launched a Chips Ahoy! Ice Cream Sandwich Maker, which comes with eight cookies, an ice cream sandwich mold, a scoop, multicolored sprinkles, a tray, and napkins. It retails for $14.98, which basically means the universe has created — nay, demanded — a situation in which you buy both of these sets and host the cookie ice cream dessert party of the ages for a mere $30, plus the cost of ice cream. Considering all you have to do to replenish these packs is buy more cookies, it seems like an investment to me.

If you do find yourself short on cookies, a reminder from your friendly neighborhood dessert clown that you can, in fact, get Peppermint Bark Oreos now, and that there is a red velvet version of Chips Ahoy! with cream cheese-flavored chips. Not to knock the OGs, which are truly untouchable and will stand the test of cookie time, but life was made for taking chances. And also for eating cookies. I rest my (delicious) case.

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